Data, BI and Analytics services

Our data analytics consulting services

We assisting businesses like yours to transform digitally by creating insight-driven solutions. We helping organizations from startups to mature extract the full potential of their data, whatever data maturity level they have, to outperform their competitors.

We helping to achieve that by creating modern data analytics architectures, data management, and flexible business intelligence (BI) solutions and practices. We empower it with advanced machine learning models, AI, and data science. We deliver it in easy-to-use and understand via visualization tools.

Data strategy & architecture

We helping you to build flexible, modular, and component-enabled architecture that evolves at the speed of your business and according to your business objectives. Delivered platforms helping you identify high-impact use cases, detect growth opportunities, enable real-time and batch processing to get constant insights discovery, support secure data management and governance, scale with your business, and pay only for resources you use.

BI & insights extraction

Iksanika helping businesses to set up modern self-service business intelligence (BI) and data management foundation which gradually evolving your data analytics possibilities, processes, and the platform itself. We help you design data architecture and processes that give you accessibility, reliability, transparency. It makes actionable intelligence possible over direct real-time interaction with data by your business analytics employees.

Applied AI, ML & Data Science

To help you achieve your excellence on the market, we hiring the most advanced technologies to make the most out of the data you have. We adopt and apply data science, machine learning, and predictive analysis to achieve your business objective and outperform your, competitors. We ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, data security, privacy, and operational advantages are in place.

Unlock your business value with Big data & ML solutions

We help your business to unlock the full potential of an insight-driven business approach. With our data analytics experience and services, we deliver tools supported by data science models and machine learning algorithms for accurate predictions and finding the roots to understand triggers that influence them. It brings you an opportunity to discover new products, ways to improve existing products, personalized customer journeys, and experiences, improve production and management efficiency, among other insight-driven advantages.

  • Intelligent image recognition & OCR
  • Data modeling & recommendation engines
  • Predictive analysis
  • Business performance & risk management analysis
  • Profitability, sales & pricing optimization analysis
  • Customer journey & behavior analysis

Our data, BI & analytics consulting process


Strategy formulation

Set up evaluation criteria

Platforms assessment

Data sources assessment

Architecture & Prototyping

Tools, platforms, and services selection

Data modeling, scalable stores


Data visualization selection

Development & Delivery

Data quality & migration

Real-time data processing

AI, ML, data science models

BI, Visualization tools


Performance optimization

Platform scalability

Security, availability

Compliance, governance

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