Cloud Services

Our Cloud services

If you are looking for infrastructure cost optimization, migration from legacy to cloud-based infrastructure, or to be ready for rapid growth, high-load, and low-latency, Iksanika’s dedicated engineering teams are here to help you make a well-engineered cloud-based solution or to make a move to the cloud.

Our core cloud services

Cloud consulting

We helping you to build a new elaborated strategy and successfully execute it. We making sure of smooth movement to the cloud during the execution phase. It covers new budgeting policies implementation, a new team restructuring, and technological implementation or changes itself with further deployment or migration of the application.

Pre-cloud assessment

We reviewing and evaluating your existing infrastructure, estimating the work and budgets required for the shift to the cloud. We also review your software on existing infrastructure and preparing the plan for migration to a new cloud infrastructure. All of it guarantees smooth and risk-free cloud migration.

Cloud selection

Taking into consideration all your business specifics, requirements, and environment we help you to choose the most relevant cloud platform and tech stack. It will improve your total operations, expenses, and maintenance efforts.

Our enhanced cloud services

Cloud migration

Based on chosen cloud strategy we can build it and help your business with smooth step-by-step software migration or with the one-step move. Additionally, with our custom software development teams, we can assist you with customization of it: new features implementation, performance, and security optimization, UI/UX improvements, maintenance, and support.

Cloud architecture

Depends on the challenges your business have we helping with software and cloud architecture redesign to extract the full potential of your software and/or cloud infrastructure on the same budget you have. We make easy to implement, deploy, and fast scale cloud architecture for your business.

Cloud development

Our experienced engineering teams building cloud infrastructure for businesses of any size: startups, companies in rapid growth, mature enterprises, from scratch to multi-continental, high-load, and low-latency performance and coverage. A provided cloud solution is easy to scale according to your business growth requirements.

Cloud integration

We help the business build integration of your cloud solution with any internal and external on-premise or other cloud solutions according to your industry and your business security and privacy standards. We making sure of its smooth integration into your business digital ecosystem. It helps your business to extract the full advantage of an interconnected environment and consolidated big data.

Cloud deployment models

The cloud comes in a few models, and our task is to help enterprises adopt the one that best suits their business requirements and compliance policies.

Public cloud

A public cloud is a great option when your software solution or data should be shared with multiple parties (users, customers, partners) over the Internet. Public clouds include SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and other services.

Private cloud

By using a private cloud your business can take the benefits of cloud computing without sharing resources with any parties and organizations outside of your organization. It is more like your on-premise, but with all advantages or the cloud.


Combination of public and private clouds, that may include on-premises legacy infrastructure as well. All components of a hybrid cloud are tightly interconnected with each other. It gives you the flexibility of public and full control over the privacy of your business-sensitive data and processes.


Our engineering teams help your business to build, scale and manage complex cloud-based solutions which spread among several types of clouds and several cloud providers.

Cloud platforms we work with

We help businesses like yours to choose the right cloud provider and platforms to build your stack on top of it.

Cloud AWS

At Iksanika we provide AWS consulting, development, and support services. We build and deploy cloud solutions, automation, microservices, and others.

Cloud Google

Google Cloud Platform

We helping businesses to take full advantage of Google Cloud infrastructure, as it has backbones that lay under several oceans and interconnect Google Cloud datacenters worldwide. The lowest latency and the highest speed are guaranteed.

Cloud Azure

Microsoft Azure

Our engineering teams help make the most out of Azure’s wide range of services. We can help you to build new, deploy existing ones, and migrate from latency on-premise infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Cloud which will meet the highest performance standards.

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