Our Team

Our key asset is our people – the most talented IT minds. We select our people carefully, knowing that each of our employees is our business partner, fostering the climate of loyalty, ongoing understanding, knowledge exchange, and social recognition. We hire only true IT professionals in their domains, capable to deliver our customers’ solid expertise, innovative software solutions, and approaches to our customers.

Everyone at Iksanika has got:

  • A completed higher education (master’s or bachelor’s degree)
  • At least 5 years of experience in related/specific domain

We welcome post-graduates conducting scientific research in the field of IT as well.

Most of our employees, both software engineers and executives, have previous working experience in large IT companies, well-known inland and abroad. Being strongly attracted by the promising opportunities and comfortable working conditions at Iksanika, they all are now at your service within our company. Our employees are creative and well-motivated. They eagerly explore new solutions and technologies, thus wishing to be on the track of the latest innovations in order to make your business more profitable and your services more competitive. Our strong point is the professionalism of our software engineers and project managers, and their ability to work under time pressure with reduced production costs.

We are proud of our employees, and our employees are proud to be a part of Iksanika.

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