Frontend Development

Our frontend development services

Our front-end applications development team will prototype, design, and build modern applications that will trigger your users to return or make the work of your employees hassle-free. We will design intuitive interfaces and deliver responsive, interactive, and robust applications that will work with your existing IT or custom build systems and that look good on any device: web, desktop, mobile, tablets, smartTV, or wearables.

Web App Interfaces

We build websites, web portals, and web applications that work on various devices. It represents and visualized data processed by servers.

Mobile App Interfaces

We creating a cross-platform on-point user experience that works on any mobile device and in web browsers.

Single-page Apps

We can help you to build progressive and single-page web applications such as partner and customers portals, messengers, chatbots, and others.

Desktop App UIs

We creating both native OS applications that take specifics of the OS and hardware, as well as cross-platform and hybrid applications that work on OS, web, and mobile devices.

UX/UI design

We helping your customer to build a design that looks good and has a high level of usability and functionality.

eCommerce Themes

We helping e-commerce companies build retaining and flexible frontend for ecommerce websites. It helps you bring exceptional user experience to any device.

Technologies we work with

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the technologies that we choose specifically for each project execution. We make use of a broad set of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools, including most popular today React, Angular, and Vue.











jQuery / jQuery UI



Material UI


Ant design

Styled components










Full-cycle frontend apps development

Iksanika develops frontend applications from the ground up as well as takes up frontend development at any stage of the software lifecycle. We can help you to generate detailed requirements, user cases, and user journeys that we turn into real frontend applications. We also assist companies in the post-deployment period and provide long-term maintenance and support services for the implemented solutions.


During this phase, we collecting, analyzing, estimating and structuring your software project requirements. This phase is followed by drawing up a detailed project development roadmap.


Based on the result of the Requirements phase, collected user cases and users journeys, we build wireframes and prototypes. Those we use to get your and your customers’ early feedback and to estimate frontend application feasibility. We would come with alternative frontend solutions if our architects detect bottlenecks to address the initial requirements.


To deliver an intuitive design, our UI and UX team use collected requirements and prototypes, set up product usage scenarios, navigation, interactive components, along with a definition of user personas and their paths in the project.

Frontend Development

Iksanika develops custom frontend web, native os, and mobile applications, which are integrated, secure, and scalable. We couple our development process with continuous delivery and testing to check the solution’s behavior, and making sure of stable work of all frontend application components.

Maintenance and support

Our team can solve a variety of challenges for you: scaling, application migration, integrations, functional improvements, application upgrades, performance monitoring, and security assessment. We offer T1, T2, T3 levels of support for solutions developed either by Iksanika or by a third-party vendor.

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