Finance and Banking

At a glance

Iksanika provides high-end software engineering services for international financial services companies. Many years of working experience with companies in banking and financial services have enabled us to develop our core industry competencies to build solutions that are world-beaters both commercially and technologically.

Over a decade of working with leading technology firms has given Iksanika the insight and experience to develop solutions that fulfill application level functionality requirements, while also addressing deeper foundational requirements such as scalability, latency, and throughput.

Our finance and banking experience

We have gained experience in developing solutions for problems exclusive to the financial and banking sector. Our projects help our clients to streamline workflow, improve customer services, accelerate internal processes, increase data security, attain more clients via innovative approaches and boost cooperation between employees.

Investment Banking

Systems factoring
Foreign exchange control
Monitoring of suspicious transactions
Investment marketplaces

Retail Banking

Automation of credit
Loyalty systems
Internet banking
Mobile banking
Plastic cards

Front Office

Decision-making systems
Analytical systems
Internet banking
Mobile banking
“Virtual consultant” solutions
Authorization and payment systems

Back Office

Unified reporting
Business intelligence
Risk management
Systems for regulations compliance
Automation of transactions
Corporate data warehousing
Document automation
Software for ATMs
Monitoring of ATMs

We offer the following services:

Iksanika provides innovative, reliable services for building and supporting financial and banking software solutions:

In the finance industry, we serve

  • Banks
  • Financial services companies
  • Brokerages
  • Trading exchanges
  • Independent software vendors
  • Other Financial Services Institutions

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