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Iksanika delivers outsourced software development services to leading Software and Technology Vendors worldwide. With the main focus on web-based solutions, we offer full-cycle software development, re-engineering, QA, and maintenance services. Certified by independent assessors (Carnegie Mellon University) and technology vendors (Adobe and Microsoft), we are here to technologically support our customer’s business success by reducing time- and cost-to-market, along with enhancing functionality and usability of our customer’s software solutions. Iksanika can bring your product from concept to production or we can focus on a problem area and help you navigate the product life cycle smoothly.

We provide services for software product vendors in a wide range of sectors

  • Travel and Entertainment
  • Resort and Hospitality
  • Gaming
  • Media and Advertizing
  • Social Networking
  • Retail
  • Rental, Leasing
  • Publishing
  • Online Auctions
  • Online Stores, E-Commerce
  • Finance and Banking

Iksanika offers the following services for software product vendors

Software product design & development

As a trusted long-term development partner to global software leaders as directly involved in creating the cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow, standalone software solutions, software-as-a-services, on-demand applications, and business solutions, Iksanika brings agility, innovation, and unmatched business results both to our partners and customers.

Software product porting & migration

To extend the reliability and efficiency of software applications while augmenting system functional capabilities, Iksanika delivers smooth application uplifting – porting and migration to up-to-date technology platforms, applying our software engineering experience and down-to-code application knowledge.

Software product quality assurance

Understanding that poorly tested releases result in unexpected issues for customers, Iksanika offers a wide range of software QA services, including but not limited to Unit, Functional, Load, Integration Testing along Test Automation. We employ time- and result-proven testing processes and methodologies to ensure the quality, usability, and scalability of software applications.

Software product support & maintenance

Due to years of working for ISVs and high-tech companies, delivering product development and support services, we accumulated our extensive experience in all types of maintenance – corrective, adaptive, perfective, preventive, which allows our customers to streamline their operations, increasing their productivity and freeing themselves to focus on strategic challenges instead.

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