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At a glance

At Iksanika we have a wide track record of successfully delivered software, software-as-a-service, mobile, and device-agnostic products, and services of varying complexity for independent software vendors. Ranging from simple web-based business applications to complex software solutions integrated with external tools and mission-critical, geographically distributed systems servicing billions of consumer transactions daily. We working with online servicesoftware productbusiness application vendors.

From ideation to completion

As a trusted partner for independent software vendors we helping in building long-term success during the full software product lifecycle: from the software product ideation, MVP, rapid growth to the mature business phases. We have a bold stack of offerings for your challenges and priorities, whatever phase your software product or service is.


We helping startups with our deep technology experience. We helping them from ideation and prototyping to hypothesis testing of MVP to find the right product-market fit fast. Moving development through a continuous integrated process that allows us to iterate fast and gathering valuable customers feedback.

Rapid growth

With our custom software development and cloud infrastructure management expertise we helping fast-growing independent software vendors to handle rapidly growing demand and to extend their product and service with new features, integrations, accessibility over new channels and platforms.


We ensure that your business uses up-to-date technologies and has the technological resources to support your development strategy, product revenue, and optimize maintenance costs.

Mobile products

Having a solid track record of delivered mobile development projects for their customers, Iksanika’s team is ready to develop and deliver a mobile project of any complexity for you.

Mobile development

We build mobile applications of all types: native, platform-agnostic, and hybrid. Compatibility with defined devices and platforms, responsive UI, integrated and stable in the foundation.

Mobile customization

As part of our customization service, we can perform mobile apps optimization, set required integrations, make it responsive, apply for a new or updated design, optimization app work.

Mobile app modernization

Keep up your mobile apps with a modern technology stack and related platforms updates to make their work stable. We helping you to solve any performance, usability, scalability issues.

Smart teams

We helping our clients to set up their own dedicated development teams of software engineering professionals that deliver on behalf of their business. It may play the role of your core software engineering team or you can enhance your in-house engineering team with our high-level software engineers. You can set your own standards and processes, or use our experience to set the most appropriate one for your business goals. The team will take your product through releases, and will address your daily software development, testing, and maintenance requests.

R&D activities

We constantly invest in the research of new technologies and tools. We are using emerging technologies like AI, Big Data, the Internet of Things, and others to achieve technological excellence to outperform your competition. It is a key enabler of innovation that we bring to our clients’ challenging goals. It allows us to deliver fast and keep the highest quality standards, process technical upgrades smoothly with minimized downtime and risks level.

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