Iksanika is a team of qualified software engineers, system architects, and other staff with technical and business expertise in a wide range of domains. Understanding that software is crucial for business success, we strive to develop and deliver the software solutions that really work for your business.

Iksanika is always looking forward to building long-time relationships with business partners all over the world. Iksanika has software development partners in USA, Germany and UK. Working together to serve our clients better, we have successfully gained the greatest benefits from the partnership collaboration. Iksanika is interested in strengthening our presence on these and other markets worldwide by sustaining cooperation with current partners and initiating new partnership relations.

Our Partnership Program is available for the software companies that look for enhancing their overall offerings integrating something new into their product line of service offering. The goal of the Partnership Program is designed to help organizations cut down costs and unlock their full potential. By entering into strategic alliances, we are here to get you to the top, thus enabling you to develop new business opportunities. Iksanika, via our Partnership Program, provides our partners with the our experience and support to sell, distribute, deliver and support enterprise solutions through the application design and development lifecycle.

We create a real-time communication bridge to enable collaborative processing of customers’ requirements and timely provision of our offshore software and outsourcing services. Contact us get more information on our partnership opportunities.

Iksanika offers a special ‘Reseller Program‘ for our partners as well, please learn more.

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