Advertising Management Solution


Worldwide advertisement company (WACOM) has one of the lead positions as inside / outside advertisement provider in USA.


WACOM turned to Iksanika for consulting and creating software, which could meet certain criteria of the new marketing campaign. As a result WACOM received a flexible instrument which could not even suggest. Since that time the company opened itself to another market for its services and this led to an increase of the company’s profit.Iksanika company’s additional ideas were one of the parts of this success.


As a result of WACOM and Iksanika’s analytics and development team collaboration and after deep analysis of situations, business requirements and market of outside / inside devices and networking, Iksanika has used its experience in development of complex solutions, and used its framework which has ready solutions. Based on these solutions Iksanika has developed quick and scalable complex application which can be established on different platforms and devices. The basic idea of WACOM was modernization of the existing software. New customers’ advertisement campaign can be more quickly displayed on the advertisement stands, as well as is faster to setup parameters of work mode of stands.

Iksanika proposed and implemented a solution, which is controlled from a single point (management of advertising space and advertisement), which allows not to send employees to change the parameters of the advertisement at every point where they are installed. It happens at one place at the office or at any other point on the Earth via the Internet, all changes are applied instantly. The system can manage a group of advertisement stands or each stand individually. Solution can run on stand of any format. Client portal, through which any client of WACOM can enter the system, can organize any advertisement stands by place or by group, on which client would like to place his advertisements. All changes made by clients are processed by WACOM system administrators to apply. Clients may pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other cards using the system. System has also an affiliate module.

On Iksanika’s suggestion WACOM began providing their services for Info Kiosk installation and deployment that work and manage by the same system.

Iksanika had developed SOAP services, which provided third parties the possibility to integrate their products to obtain advertising services.


These are the technologies that were used in the project:

Server part:J2EE, EJB, Entity EJB, Java Financial Charting, JSP, Hibernate, Oracle, IBM Web Sphere Application Server, WebServices / SOAP, AMF, SSL, SSH2, Clustering Unix – application, database, merchant transactions – support VISA, MasterCard, American Express and more other.
Client part:DHTML, Adobe Flex, Adobe Charting, Adobe Flash Player, CSS, Flash Media Server, TouchScreens/InfoKiosk/Unix/Windows/Mac, PC/Mac – Adobe Flash Player and DHTML.



As a result WACOM has got global management tools which are agile and easy to change and extend according to new business requirements. This solution decreases expenses on maintenance and support. WWB got many revenue increases:

  • decrease in the amount of support personnel of advertisement monitors and info kiosks
  • global management system; affiliate module – benefits for WACOM clients
  • access to management portal for clients
  • remote control of each advertisement monitor and info kiosk or his group
  • management of financial modules on Adobe Flex Charts / Java Financial Charting
  • SOAP service for third party companies; caching modules on each advertisement monitor and info kiosk
  • increase in variation of WACOM services – fixed prices, payment per show, scheduling modules and many other.

«We consider Iksanika the best partner for outsourcing software development. The company demonstrated great skills both in business analysis and software development, further its installation and support. The team is very open and approachable. The company prices are lower than the average through the quality stands at a higher level than other similar companies. All the tasks are completed on time. What we received, in the end, is an exclusive product and further leading positions in our business. The service was new, helpful, and easy to use. 60% more customers applied to us. Our repeating customers became 26% more active. The company’s return grew up by 74% due to entering the new markets of advertisers. Each client now needs 19% less of our resources as it used to be before we worked with Iksanika.»

Iksanika Testimonials
Derek Batter, Executive Director