Hosted ATM Bank Solution


Some vendor which provides bank solutions (VPB) asked Iksanika to develop ATM Application.


VPB would like to get quickly a good scalable ATM application which can interplay with ready VPB bank core and make financial transactions and operations. One of the main points was to have remotely customization applications and advertisement module in ATM application.

Hosted ATM Bank Solution

Iksanika has used its experience in development of complex solutions and used its framework which has ready solutions. Based on these solutions Iksanika has developed quick and scalable product. ATM application also can work in critical situations, but with limited functionality. In case if connection with VPB bank core is unavailable ATM application collects all data on local ATM storage, , and then after connection establishing AMT can synchronize all data and transactions and can proceed it on VPB bank side. Iksanika developed agile module for advertisement management on AMT Screen, which can collect statistic information, change advertisement consistency by ‘time of the day’ or ‘day of the week’ and has many other features. Customization module can create groups based on some quantity of AMT’s located in different places (street, city, state) and setup for these groups its unique UI styles, layout, advertisement. All these features are configurable remotely from one place, from the bank.


These are the technologies that were used in the project:

Server part:J2EE, Hibernate, Oracle, SOAP, AMF, Internal Secured Protocol, SSL.
Client part:Adobe Flex, CSS, Adobe Charting, DHTML.



As a result of collaboration between VPB and Iksanika development team, Iksanika offered solution which provides new good opportunities. VPB got powerful tools which are quick and easy to change and extend corresponding with business requirements, this solution decreases expenses on maintenance and support of ATM application. Banks got more than one way to increase revenue with new advertisement module, AMT has the role of advertisement panel in the streets and at the same time the role of the representative terminal.

«At one event the CEO of WACOM recommended us as an outsourcing software development company. In a month we started working with Iksanika. We are very glad about our choice. Both Iksanika developers and business analytics have significant experience and are very professional. We received interesting and constructive questions and suggestions from their business analytics that helped us to formulate exact requirements that were supposed to rise the benefits from the solution. The team of developers has perfect communicative skills. The solution was ready on time. In the first place, we didn’t believe the price would be that low! After having implemented the solution we received flattering feedback from our customers and staff. The ATM became easier to operate. New modules for commercial placement attracted advertisers and brought us additional benefits from our equipment.»

Iksanika Testimonials
James Sorenson, Vice President of Marketing