Car Service Network Management Solution


The company possesses a few auto service centers in Germany. They offer various services including car wash, maintenance and spare parts sale. The company started from one work shop and constantly grew into the whole network providing a wide range of car services.


The recent growth of the network led to the situation where the previous methods of customer and material management were not sufficient any more. The company management faced cases of shoplifting, employees’ unauthorized absence from work, complaining customers. The company management staff was in urgent need of the office automation system that would allow clear tracking of orders, efficient document management, working time reporting, and shops timely stocking.


The company decided to apply to Iksanika as they had previously heard about the high quality of their services and reasonable prices. Iksanika specialists got to work. Firstly they created the project specification taking into account:

  • Business peculiarities
  • Customer requirements
  • Previous experience
  • Latest technologies opportunities
  • Budget and time constraints

The solution implied the installation the touch screen computers that would be connected to the main server. These computers were supposed to be used for all sales operations. The application installed was easy to use even by people with little computer knowledge. The employees started using electronic cards for punching in and out. The data was constantly sent to the main server. The central server was also used for the document circulation and storing.


These are the technologies that were used in the project:

Backend: Nginx, PHP, MySQL Database, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, C++

Frontend: React Native, React js, HTML/CSS/JavaScript


In a short time the system was developed, tested for proper functioning and successfully launched. The employees soon adapted to the new work process that turned out to be a lot more effective and productive. The following results were achieved after the new system had been launched:

  • The working time is efficiently tracked and reported
  • The salary is assigned according to the system records
  • The computers in each shop were united in one network
  • The information about the stock gets updated currently
  • Document management in each work shop can be exercised from the central company office
  • The information about the customers is tracked, saved and can be viewed and managed from any company computer
  • The system allows different levels of access permission and functionality depending on employee’s position and duties

Due to improved services the company gained new long lasting partners and customers. In a few months the company profits vividly grew which proved the sufficiency of the solution developed and implemented by Iksanika specialists.

«Iksanika demonstrated a proper creative approach to the problem solutions as well as some experience with world-class companies as customers. Iksanika showed a very good analysis of the project and had a reasonable plan of work to deliver. Iksanika has consistently offered professional developers with good analytical skills who are motivated and raise the right questions at the right time. We are very glad for the result and the chosen partner.»

Iksanika Testimonials
Wolfgang Zimmerman, Director