Supply Chain Management Solution


One of the Iksanika customers is an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) organization. This company produces Electro dirrefent electronic components: Capacitors, Diodes, Piezo electric crystals and other electronic equipment. Besides this production the company allows client to order custom microelectronic solutions: different devices and gadgets.


Due to belonging to electronic industry the EMS company needed to controls a lot of component suppliers and customers. During company’s evolution and development the count of these suppliers became to increase significantly and the company encountered with deceleration of the development. The company management started thinking about purchasing the chain supply system to use inside the company.


As the result of Iksanika’s development there was chain supply system produced which internally used in the electronic production company. Implemented solution is a web-native supply chain control system that integrates connectivity, execution, finantional planning of chain and metrics into a single comprehensible system. It helps manufacturing company to solve different problems related to supply and development, to keep customer and suppliers consistently aware of relevant information for realizing tangible revenue growth.

«We have been looking for a partner that would understand our business sphere and realize its dynamics. We were interested in long term partnership. Our requirements were met at Iksanika. The company demonstrated a perfect approach to the matter. Each solution was justified from business point of view. They made a prediction about effectiveness of each investment. After the thorough analysis they developed a dynamic solution that increased our profits by 30% in the first quarter. The annual profit increased by 80% and it keeps going up. The unique combination of the price and the quality allowed us to return the investment into the development after first 4 months of using the product. We were impressed by the result! Choosing Iksanika is choosing the professional staff which aims at your result in your business sphere. They exceeded our expectations. They really “do better than you expect”»
Iksanika Testimonials
— Mark Becker, CEO & President


These are the technologies that were used in the project:

Server part: .NET 2.0, MSSQL Database, HTML / CSS / JavaScript, C++ Utilities
Client part: .NET 2.0, HTML / CSS / JavaScript, Ajax, Adobe Flex Charting / ActionScript3 + Flash


EMS company will use chain supply system, developed by Iksanika, to collaborate with suppliers and customers over the world, will use it to control all business processes with suppliers: to plan, implement and controll the operations of the supply chain as efficiently as possible. Electronic company will also use system to communicate with different parties through a real-time Web environment.

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