Exchange Trading Platform


One of Iksanika’s customers is an exchange trade company in London which provides services in consulting and proving of client’s interest on exchange of securities and options, etc.


«Iksanika is a great team of professionals. The team is very well organized. We had been offered a new technology that we chose and never regretted. The project was completed within the determined terms and budget. The interactivity of our application makes our clients very happy. The detailed reports and analytics became possible now. We received an excellent result from partnership with Iksanika. The project development cost us 1/3 from an average price for the sane kind of product in the UK. The quality is superior. We also received nice feedbacks from our customers. The company profits went up by 48% within two quarters after launching the product. The number of our customers grew by 20% though we have increase the promotion budget.»
Iksanika Testimonials
— Philip Green, President

As this company belongs to progressive financial industry (from technical side) it needed to control a lot of issues. The company’s main software was behind the opportunities of processing speed and reflection of information to consultant. Consultant needed to calculate some complex information by himself, that caused some hardness and frequently losses of positions on exchanges. Also old software solution didn’t have possibility for teaching himself, it was unable to react on some conditions on exchange in millisecond time interval.

Exchange Trading Platform Solution

Iksanika provided for consultant company up-to-date solution to work on exchanges, which provides actual information for consultant, which updates in millisecond time intervals, which has great scalable properties and modern user interfaces developed on Adobe Flex, AIR, including Adobe Charting, tools for generation rules for automatical sales and buy process based on pre-defined rules on exchange.


These are the technologies that were used in the project:

Server part: J2EE, Hibernate, EJB, Entity EJB, JSP, Oracle, Adobe Livecycle, SOAP + AMF + Internal Protocol similar to AMF, IBM WebSphere Application Server.
Client part: AIR (Adobe Integration Runtime), Adobe Flex + Adobe Flash, CSS, Adobe Charting, DHTML


As a result of collaboration between consultant company and Iksanika‘s analytic and development team and after analysis of data and business requirements, Iksanika offered the solution which provides huge list of opportunities. With provided solution, consultant company and its clients became to raise the profitability on exchange investment; company got increased revenue and augmentation of the client base. Also consultant company got great tools which are agile and easy to change and extend according to new business requirements, that raises competitiveness of Iksanika’s solution and decreases expenses on maintenance and support.

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