Software Modernization & Re-engineering

Our software applications modernization services

To extend the reliability and efficiency of legacy software applications and solutions for businesses like yours, while augmenting system functional capabilities, we deliver smooth legacy software applications modernization, porting and migration to up-to-date technology platforms, architecture re-engineering, refactoring, porting to new infrastructure, we applying our software engineering experience, and down-to-code application knowledge to minimize the TCO and improve the user experience of your application.

Cloud migration

We helping businesses build, configure, and smoothly migrate with their modernized legacy software application systems to cloud infrastructure. We will make sure that all industry regulations security policies and administration protocols are in place.


We providing legacy software code review and refactoring. We will review every code line to detect existing errors, bugs, vulnerabilities, places with a lack of performance. As the following step our QA team performing a test plan to make sure that the upgraded code working correctly.

Software modernization

Iksanika provides all types of software applications customizations: enhancements with new features, updating the design and adding new custom integrations for your business systems more user-friendly and powerful. We making it an on-request basis and as a long-term software customization initiative.

Architecture modernization

Our team of software architects and lead software engineers will review your legacy software application solution and bring visualization, optimal plan of modernization with modern technology stack, increase performance, customization ability, decrease the cost of legacy solution support. After approval, our team can move forward with execution, deployment, and maintenance as the next step.

Legacy software applications modernization

How to approach legacy software modernization to make it a success? Itransition’s experts know the answer. We break down every modernization project in four steps, each determining the solution renovation success.

  • 1

    Legacy software application assessment

    In this initial phase, we can evaluate and make profound decisions on the upcoming modernization.

  • 2

    Legacy software modernization plan selection

    According to current market trends, your technological resources, requirements, and budget we will choose the most suitable modernization plan for you.

  • 3

    Modernization plan execution

    As soon as the modernization plan is approved by you, our cross-functional team will proceed with the full modernization plan. A fully documented process with detailed instructions on updates and the administration process of the software solution will be provided to you.

  • 4

    Post-modernization maintenance & support

    We can provide maintenance and support assistance on a modernized solution If further assistance is required. Our team can monitor the health of the modernized solution, provide support to your IT teams and your end-users to speed up the adoption period of a new modernized solution.

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