Custom Toolbar Development

One of the contemporary directions in work optimization and increasing the productivity of the employees in your enterprise is the efficient use of the toolbars that are intuitive, comprehensive and attractive.

Each of us works with a personalized set of applications with customized settings and graphic palettes.

Imagine that you have a single toolbar that has all necessary buttons for instant access, settings toggle, displaying windows with target information, access menus to all necessary functions, applications and network resources. This becomes real if you use our services.

Download free example toolbar now and learn more about Iksanika custom toolbar development.

Iksanika offers the development of customized toolbars, including:

  • Installed application launching. You can easily set up the start, management and representation of the results of any application you work with, be it WinAmp or any operating system.
  • Information searching. You can operatively search for a necessary text, file or a program by using the search option directly from your toolbar. In addition to standard search functions, we can offer you search with substitutions and advanced search using parts of a word.
  • Executable procedures (macroces). Besides the use of present software products, we can provide you a possibility of independent functions and actions defining, which will be executed by your toolbar. You can order it in our company or independently write it by yourself using Javascript or other built-in script language.
  • User interface. By using flexible mechanisms of user settings, you can specify which buttons, entry fields, control elements should be placed in your toolbar. You can also manage menu themes, fonts, colors and so on. Everything that is available on the toolbar can be easily managed.
  • And other advanced features on demand.

Using our custom toolbars makes your work productive and comfortable due to the optimization of work with applications, application of necessary settings, and search for information over Internet on your personal computer or in the local network.
We are able fully customizable control panel with the help of which you will manage to operate your business as convenient and accurate as a pilot operates his fighter.

As the example of a user panel may serve the panel developed for the Internet Explorer, which optimizes search functions and work with text arrays while surfing in the Internet.