Custom Software Development Services

For fifteen years, our coding expertise and engineering heritage have enabled us to solve the most complex technical challenges.

Our application development services

Iksanika is a full-cycle custom software and software product development service provider and supports you at any stage of your product or solution evolution – from a mere idea and prototypes to delivered or existing product support and maintenance.

From smart customization of the pre-developed platforms or products to full-cycle custom software development and product development along with the client’s vision, Iksanika is an experienced development partner to deliver cost-effective and reliable custom software solutions that match your unique requirements.

Custom application development

Iksanika builds custom solutions from scratch, ensuring their seamless integration with existing environments and systems.

Platform-based product customization

Solid knowledge and experience of modern tech platforms allow us to create software solutions with an optional set of existing and custom features.

Legacy application redesign

We review and redesign architectures, do code refactoring, porting applications from legacy to newer platforms of outdated systems to give them a new life.

Full-cycle custom software development

Iksanika develops software products from the ground up as well as takes up development at any stage of the software lifecycle. We help our customers generate detailed requirements that we turn into real applications. We also assist companies in the post-deployment period and provide long-term maintenance and support services for the implemented solutions.


During this phase, we collecting, analyzing, estimating and structuring your software project requirements. This phase is followed by drawing up a detailed project development roadmap.


Based on the result of the Requirements phase, we build wireframes and prototypes. Those we use to get your and your customers’ early feedback and to estimate software feasibility. We would come with alternative solutions if our architects detect technical bottlenecks to address the initial requirements.


To deliver an intuitive design, our UI and UX team use collected requirements and prototypes, set up product usage scenarios, navigation, interactive components, along with a definition of user personas and their paths in the project.

Custom Software Development

Iksanika develops custom web and mobile applications, which are integrated, secure, and scalable. We couple our development process with continuous delivery and testing to check the solution’s behaviour, and making sure of stable work of all software components.

Maintenance and support

Our team can solve a variety of challenges for you: scaling, application migration, integrations, functional improvements, application upgrades, performance monitoring, and security assessment. We offer T1, T2, T3 levels of support for solutions developed either by Iksanika or by a third-party vendor.

Unlock your business value with our custom software development services

Our cross-functional teams are ready for tasks of any complexity and scale. Whether you need to build integrations between solutions you use, or to build an advanced web or mobile app solution with millions of concurrent users, we are here to support you.

Web solution development

Iksanika develops custom web applications, sites, and portals for start-ups to corporate and internet-focused projects: Social Networking, Online gaming, Online Services, and Order Processing, and so on.

SaaS application development

Iksanika delivers a full-cycle SaaS model solution development, deployment, and support. It can be a standalone application porting to the SaaS model and it can be simple integration of integration for SaaS solutions you may already use or plan to use.

Custom and Enterprise software development

We have solid skills and deep expertise in building enterprise solutions of various complexity levels. Our experience in Supply Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration, and other Business Process Management systems and business domains allows us to provide our customers with the best-practice custom solutions.

Mobile application development

We provide a wide variety of mobile application development for iOS, Android, Platform agnostic.

Speed up your digital transformation with our expertise

Our application software developers use innovative approaches and custom software development know-how to implement and adopt solutions built with modern technologies to make your project succeed. Connected b2b and b2c web portals, intelligent conversational bots, and big data aggregation with BI representation are just a few examples of the apps we deliver.

Enterprise automation

We deliver applications for businesses that effectively strengthen their relationships with customers, improve enterprises’ productivity, increase users’ loyalty improve, streamlining team collaboration.

  • Business workflow automation
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Assets management

Deep tech

We helping businesses to create solutions for intelligent business workflow by applying our expertise in the areas of data mining, computer vision, natural language processing, which leads to reduced human effort and greater operational efficiency.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Computer vision
  • Big data

Connected world

We leverage our expertise to speed up decision-making, customer and entertainment experiences, to create fast and secure communication via a wide range of channels, and more.

  • Enterprise and consumer mobility
  • Real-time communication
  • Internet of Things
  • AR/VR

Technologies we work with

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the technologies that we choose specifically for each project execution. As a custom software development company, we make use of a broad set of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools.

Programming languages















Backend Development











Frondend Development







Next, Gatsby

jQuery / jQuery UI

Frameworks & libraries





Ruby on Rails




Mobile technologies

React Native


Mobile Angular UI

jQuery Mobile


Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure




Adobe Commerce



Operating systems


Mac OS




Our value-motivated and effective approach to custom software development

Iksanika carefully monitors the production of each project at all stages, making 100% sure that you and your customers get a really good product to enjoy. We are selecting the list of major factors which influence a successful, long-term product development partnership:

Technologies and processes

Our expertise comprises a comprehensive set of open-source and proprietary technologies that allow us to execute the most challenging and complex projects and satisfy customer requirements, expectations and preferences.

Project and Product Management

An extensive hands-on implementation experience allows Iksanika to extract only the most efficient practices from all the used methodologies taking into account only real needs in the efficient, transparent, and predictable process.

Quality assurance

Iksanika has a highly professional and well-equipped independent Quality Assurance & testing department that takes control over your software quality assurance and audit its guarantees that you always get a correct understanding of the quality and will be able to make informed decisions based on that information.


Iksanika has delivery centers in the United States and the middle of Europe. Such distributed organization structure enables close communication between customers teams and the Iksanika team and solves the time gap between time zones.

Intellectual Property Protection

Iksanika has a strong focus on a service-based business model – as a result, all intellectual property rights of ownership are given to the client.

Engagement Models

Type of Agreements we work with our Customers.
  • 1


    The services provided by Iksanika within the frameworks of a Project on the basis of a fixed cost mutually agreed between the Parties.

  • 2

    Time & Materials

    The services provided by Iksanika on the basis of direct labor hours at specified fixed hourly rates.

  • 3

    Dedicated Development Center

    The development center at Iksanika’s development facilities is specifically dedicated by Iksanika to the performance of the Services for you.

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