Dedicated Development Team

Your dedicated development team

During a long time of supporting clients with custom software development services, Iksanika has gained and honed cutting-edge technologies and business skills, methodologies for managing custom software development projects in a distributed environment.

On this basis, we build dedicated development teams for businesses like yours, that need to augment their team with highly qualified software engineering professionals, to scale rapidly or to create a product with a minimal budget.

By having a dedicated development team you will get access to Iksanika’s operational, business, technological, and infrastructure resources. We will adjust the development processes of your dedicated development team to the requirements and methodologies of your business. And sure we will take full responsibility for every aspect of the development process.

Extending the advantages of leveraging Iksanika’s distinguished intellectual talent, your dedicated development team will afford scalability and staffing capabilities according to your project needs.

Collaboration with Distributed Development Teams

During years we gained unique expertise in setting up the effective process to smoothly integrate your dedicated development team with your business. We can effectively overcome cultural, linguistic, technical, and geographical barriers to set effective collaboration in the distributed context of several vendors.


  • Integrated code repository
  • Continuous integration server
  • Automated builds


  • Knowledge

  • Technology

  • Tools


  • Project management

  • Roadmap management

  • Matching roles


  • Project management

  • Shared contact lists
  • Wikis


  • Sprint

  • Scrum meetings

  • Retro

  • Collaboration tools

Advantages of having dedicated development team

With a dedicated development team at Iksanika, you might realize your strategic information technology objectives. Your dedicated development team comes fully loaded with a range of built-in services as part of the core offering

You get range of built-in services
  • Management of all administrative, legal and operational issues

  • Start-up support and consulting with best practices for setting up client own development team

  • Setting up, maintenance and support, or rental of the technical infrastructure

  • Secure channels between clients office and Client Own Development Team

  • Augmenting your software product development

You will get following benefits
  • Focus on core business with a highly qualified engineering talent pool

  • Control outsourcing costs

  • Decrease time to market

  • A fully transparent and controlled business process

  • Oversee performance and rewards

  • Build sustainability with minimal investment or risk with Iksanika’s scalability and flexibility

  • You have ownership of all Intellectual Property

  • Privacy and confidentiality based on NDA

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