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The process of creating a game under no circumstances can be called “development”. Games are considered as an absolutely specific type of software, in which the programming code and perfect design should work together with excitement and mystery. A game player wants to find himself strong and smart, to be a conqueror and an explorer.

The games from Iksanika communicate with you in the manner you would like to be a real game player, thus revealing even concealed abilities. Our technically skilled and talented specialists are able to create an attractive game to any taste. We will develop an interactive game, which makes your customers playing continuously, with delight and pleasure.

We have experience in the development both of plain logical games, which attract the audience with their entertaining puzzles, and highly technological multi-user 3D games, including RPG or strategic games. The games from Iksanika will be of truly live interest to your customers!

Technologies we use and platforms we build for

Mobile Platforms

iOS, Android, and also proprietary 3D development

Game platforms

Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

Basic 3D Technologies for Mobile, Game Station, and PC

  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Texturing: Basic, Multi-texturing, Bumpmapping, Mipmapping, and Volumetric
  • Lighting: Per-vertex, Per-pixel, Volumetric, Lightmapping, Radiosity, Gloss maps
  • Shaders: Vertex, Pixel
  • Scene Management: Portals, Octrees, k-D-trees, Occlusion Culling, PVS, LOD
  • Animation: Keyframe Animation, Skeletal Animation, Morphing, Facial Animation, Animation Blending
  • Special Effects: Environment Mapping, Lens Flares, Billboarding, Particle System, Depth of Field, Motion Blur, Sky, Water, Fire, Explosion, Decals, Fog, Weather, Mirror
  • Terrain: CLOD, Splatting, and many other technologies.

PC platform

A full scale of Windows, MacOS or proprietary 3D core

Key characteristics of a really popular game

To help your brand propel customer engagement, our team will create an application that will resonate with your audience with its enticing design and value-adding features.

Game concept design and process

Our team has a rich experience in games development of any genre and plot. We can create exactly what you need, even if you are not sure as what your product is likely to be. In this case, our specialists design a game concept, make necessary sketches, and develop a game environment with all necessary game features and situations. Our goal is to meet your requirements and deliver a high-quality product.

Project organization

Iksanika always focuses upon each detail related to the project, whether it is a small or a long-term project. Our commitment is to avoid the “moments of misunderstandings” and “drawbacks of management”. For this purpose, we document all project-related processes and requirements and follow them under constant control. Such approach ensures that the project runs smoothly, within time lines and budget as agreed upon with the customer. To assure a high quality of your product, we undertake and monitor all aspects of the project, including:

  • GDD (Game Design Document), TDD (Technical Design Document) development and approval
  • Game prototype development
  • Testing
  • Alpha & Beta Version development

Quality Design

For each solution to be developed, we individually choose a set of technologies: drawing, scene and personage processing, linear, 2D, and 3D animation. We are inclined to use only the best technologies from each sphere of game design so that your product becomes a real success at the end.

In addition, you can look through a rich collection of our lifelengths, which we have accumulated during our work, and choose the most appealing variant that you wish to be used for your product. Our specialists are ready to discuss your ideas, expectations, share visions and impressions. Only talented artists, designers and animators work in our company. This means, they also work for you!

Find more about our technologies here.

Our goal – is highest product quality at reasonable time. We develop exclusively popular games!

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