This page described outdated technology stack. You might be interested in the modern approach of building internet applications that bring rich user experience to any device. Please follow the frontend development page for more detail.

Our flex development services

Iksanika’s flex developers have a rich experience in the development of various graphical, multimedia tools and integrating them with business software solutions, that help us make your project unique and successful. One of the strong points of Iksanika as a flex development company is our tight collaboration with the top leading US companies in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific companies.

Today, Flash tools take a leading place among other multimedia technologies. Flash/Flex/AIR(Adobe Integrated Runtime) and HTML5 are excellent ways to make the user experience more comfortable and your solution user-friendly, smart and intuitive, interactive and engaging, useful, and cross-platform.

Solutions for small- to large businesses.

Complex solutions for a wide range of industries or businesses parts can be delivered as Rich Internet Applications, that can use standard protocols supported by Java, .NET, PHP technologies. The RIA-based solutions delivered by Iksanika can be seamlessly integrated with Mobiles, Tablets, Servers, PC, handhelds, POS terminals, and more.

Games and social networking

Game development, including network multi-user games, strategies, and, in particular, action games with many special / FX effects for PC, Game consoles, online websites, and social networks. Iksanika’s flex programmers are always doing their best to create an ultimate and interesting solution for you.

Business Intelligence

Adobe Flash/Flex/AIR and HTML5 provide great features to improve your business intelligence. Building insights with Business Intelligence design, implementation, and extension. We can offer to build analytical tools, reporting systems with real-time data and provide a wide range of features to improve the basis for making a right business decision at the right time.

Animation of various technological processes and statistic data.

Animation is an effective means for demonstrating physical processes, building mathematical dependence graphs and diagrams in the form of voting, presenting statistics or dynamic information. This approach is perfect for developing courseware and e-Learning applications.

Web site and web application

Flash and Silverlight technologies used while creating e-shops and stock-exchange-related projects allow you to avoid a number of problems regarding a dynamic reaction of the software application behind your site to the various actions of website visitors. The use of animation created automatically in banners also fits this area.

Animated movies and Flash cartoons.

Such “videos” for example, for animation of background processes in your solution. Unlike usual animations, Flash can create a complicated and unique movement for you. Share your ideas with and we will design more interesting movements depending on user actions and the essence of your web solution/business application.

In addition, Flash technologies are perfect for interface and design development, for example, creating games for palms, cell phones, smart phones, and other mobile devices.

In all these areas, Iksanika has achieved outstanding results.

Iksanika HTML5, Flex, Flash, AIR Services includes:

  • Full-cycle software development
  • Dedicated Teams
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Reengineering
  • Infrastructure and Hosting

Values of our Development and Programming services

The companies, who have already selected Iksanika’s Flex, AIR, Flash, and Multimedia Services, receive the following valuable benefits:

  • Unique and strong expertise of Iksanika’s RIA development team
  • High responsiveness
  • Short development cycle
  • 100% on-time and within budget project delivery
  • Industry-specific knowledge & up-to-date or even cutting-edge solutions
  • Quality services of an Adobe Solution Partner
  • Focus on solution/results
  • Reasonable costs
  • Guarantee for delivered solutions

Adobe Solution Partner

Iksanika became an Adobe Solution Partner

Iksanika became an Adobe® Solution Partner working closely with Adobe Labs with proven expertise in rich internet application development from easy websites to huge complex solutions which worked on Mobiles, Tablets, PCs, Tablets, and other devices in different industries. Iksanika implements solutions exclusively on profitable technologies using best practices, experience, and software development methodologies.