Software Maintenance and Support Services

Our software support services

Any type of software application, solutions, software products, software-as-a-service products requires maintenance and support as you and your customers’ needs change and grow. We partner with our clients to help their business, like yours to run faster, strongly, smoothly and error-free. At Iksanika we provide technical support packages differentiated by coverage: L1, L2, L3 tier support levels.

Basic support

Testing your enterprise, back office, or customer mobile app. Iksanika will verify the alignment of your mobile apps with the specs, correct work of specified features, work under high-load — connectivity, latency, availability, and scalability.

In-depth support

During the review of your enterprise, back office, or customer mobile app, we will test the alignment of your mobile apps with the specs, that your app backend and frontend working corresponding to the spec definitions, stable performance under high-load, compliance to data security, and industry standards.

Expert support

We will test your cloud software and infrastructure configuration under high load in order to detect your weaknesses under pressure. You will get recommendations for improvements, which you can use to cover spikes in traffic.

Our maintenance services

While working for the startup and leading companies around the globe as a trusted outsourced maintenance services partner, we have accumulated our extensive experience in all types of maintenance, which allows our customers to streamline their operations, increasing their productivity and freeing them to focus on strategic challenges instead.


If your business processes, competitive or market environment changed and you need to react accordingly, our team will help you with the adjustment of your software applications according to new conditions. So you will be able to keep your competitive advantages over using stable and highly usable software solutions.


Our team will augment your solution to ramp up its performance and prolong its operational life. We will expand it with transformative features and root out performance-stalling issues.


Itransition’s engineers will detect and fix bugs and glitches that interfere with the software operation and user experience. Corrective repairs can be scheduled or performed as an emergency measure.


We will re-engineer your software to make it future-proof and fault-resistant. Our team will enhance the existing operational characteristics, embed more relevant features, and remove those that have grown obsolete.

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