Software Applications Support and Maintenance

Any types of software as custom software solutions, software products, software-as-a-service require maintenance and support as yours and your customers needs change and grow. We partner with our clients to help their business running faster, strongly, smoothly and error-free.

While working for the leading software vendors and SaaS & e-Commerce solution providers located in Silicon Valley (San Jose, San Francisco, etc) as a trusted offshore maintenance services partner, we have accumulated our extensive experience in all types of maintenance – corrective, adaptive, perfective, preventive, which allows our customers to streamline their operations, increasing their productivity and freeing them to focus on strategic challenges instead.

Iksanika’s services include support, maintenance and improvement, monitoring, patches and upgrades, administration, enhancements, changes and release management. Our dedicated maintenance team delivers a combination of application maintenance and development services. Our service line is the combination of advanced education and real-life project experience that allows for handling any challenges.

Iksanika provides a wide range of maintenance and support services depending on your business needs:

  • Maintenance: preventative and scheduled upgrades
  • On-going Support: Software applications bug fixes, hot fix releases, issue analysis and resolution
  • Incident Management, Fault Investigation and diagnosis, Workaround provision
  • Release management
  • Support incidents and issues tracking with Iksanika and customers access
  • Application Enhancements: implementation of new functionality/features of the application based on the approved prioritized change orders or immediate based on Agile methods
  • Adaptive Enhancements: modifications to support business to technical requirement’s changes
  • Technical Improvement: optimization restructuring and rewriting
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