Software Re-Engineering

To extend the reliability and efficiency of software applications while augmenting system functional capabilities, Iksanika delivers smooth software product and SaaS, E-Commerce and RIA application uplifting – porting and migration to up-to-date technology platforms, architecture re-engineering (including performance tuning, security enhancement, etc), re-factoring, applying our software engineering experience and down-to-code application knowledge to minimize the TCO and improve user experience of your application. We serve the companies within the US (New York, Silicon Valley (San Francisco, San Jose), etc), Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Iksanika’s offers the following Re-engineering Services:

  • Architecture:
    • Technologies / Design / Code review / Standard Compliance
    • Development and Deployment Process
  • Re-factoring:
    • Straight Re-factoring
    • Functional Uplift and Re-factoring
    • Mass Code Conversion
    • Security
    • Performance
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Error Handling
  • Porting and Migration:
    • Straight Porting and Migration
    • Functional Uplift and Porting and Migration
  • Deployment Planning
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