Java Development

Headquartered in the US, Iksanika delivers outsourced software development services and software solutions tailored exactly to the requirements of our customer’s businesses applying all the power and flexibility of the modular approach offered by the J2EE, J2ME, J2SE and other platforms. Our highly qualified Java developers focus on the actual needs of the clients instead of spending hours working on the single-source solution thus providing the customers with solutions that are truly portable and scalable, affordable and easy to use. Iksanika’s Java developers offer to you their solid experience in developing applications based on Java platform, applying up-to-date technologies to current project needs. We serve the companies within the US (New York, San Francisco, San Jose, etc), Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Java Development Services from Iksanika

Iksanika is a Sun Microsystems Associate Partner, and we are recognized for our expertise in Java development based on J2EE, J2ME, J2SE and other platforms and offer the following Java development services:

  • Custom Java-based software development based (Java technology, J2EE, J2ME, J2SE and other platforms)
  • Java-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) development
  • Java-based software products development
  • Intranet Java-based solutions development
  • Complex J2EE-based solution development
  • Java-based Standalone, Desktop Java applications (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, , other *nix systems)
  • Software Development for Info-Kiosks, Touch-Screens, PDA’s, Mobile Phones on J2EE, J2ME, J2SE platforms
  • Internet/Intranet Solutions Integration
  • J2ME software/solutions development
  • Software Migration to J2EE, J2ME, J2SE and other platforms
  • Web Java development outsourcing
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