Meeting the Deadline

Meeting the Deadline

When choosing an outsourcing vendor, very often companies put an emphasis on responsibility. We in our turn think that meeting the deadline is the most crucial thing as it protects your business from unfavorable factors and at the same time guarantees reliability and high quality of work.

A person who adheres to timescales is not just reliable, he is responsible.

Consider for a moment and think of a following situation. You are in the café waiting for your friend. Some time passes but your friend doesn’t show up. He is late. If you friend is a responsible person, he will easily acknowledge his fault and apologize for the delay. If he arrives late one more time, he’ll tell you: “Sorry, my bad”. If it repeats again, your friend admits his shortcoming with the words: “You know what, I have trouble coming on time”.

When it comes to a lunch with a friend or colleague, you are likely to be angry and dissatisfied with such behavior. But what if it causes damage to your business – on-time goods delivery, necessary documents dispatch or services rendering? Non-compliance with the deadlines may result in business interruption.

No matter whom you are dealing with – a copywriter, designer or programmer, make sure your partner delivers work right on time. Of course, in case of outsourcing, it’s more difficult as you are wide apart from your vendor and can’t control the process 100%.

It’s important to know that a responsible and reliable vendor will always make an agreement for delivery terms where all the term details are specified – early finish time, deadlines, possible extension of the delivery time, penalties, etc.

Also, you can seek advice from the clients of the vendor you’ve chosen to find out how he deals with the deadlines and how he handles the situations when he is unable to deliver the work on time, etc.

Remember, a really reliable vendor will always communicate with you and strain after maintaining permanent contact. And of course, in case of emergency (e.g. employee dismissal, etc.) disrupting delivery terms, a responsible vendor will always inform you about this beforehand, apologize, and which is more important, search for solution approaches of the problems encountered in order to meet the deadlines.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or would like to get any clarifications or consulting.

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