Advanced Products Manager v1.4.0 for Magento: Create, duplicate products in bulk and new mass products actions.

We ready to present you next 1.4.0 version of Advanced Admin Products Manager for Magento with new features and improvements, which enhance your magento product grid and makes your routine products management tasks even more easier and faster.

There as numerous enhancements and new feature we are ready to present:

Multiple products creation

From now with Advanced Admin Products Manager extension you can add products right from the product grid. You can create multiple products, specify the product type, attribute sets, edit with their own initial data in the product grid and save it in bulk.

Mass products duplication

Often difference between products is just in a few attributes, and it make sense just to duplicate products and adjust required products data. With this new feature you can duplicate selected list of products right in the product grid, edit required products attributes and save it in bulk, just in one click. This magento extension will generate and save all those products with adjusted data.

New mass products actions

As you know mass product actions saves tremendous amount of time when running updates for big list of products. Taking in consideration your requests we added new mass actions to speed up more routine actions:

  • Update Tier Prices

    It allows you update tier prices for selected list of products. Same as any default product attributes with price type – it support absolute and relative values. So you can specify specified price value (absolute value) or you can use add, decrease price by specified price value by using command: + , – and/or %. For example you can decrease all tier prices values by 10 percent. To do it you have to specify -10% as new value – so extension will recalculate final value and save it.
  • Custom Options: Add From ..

    This mass product action allows you copy custom options from one product to selected list of products. Just select list of products, click ‘Custom Options: Add From ..’, specify source Product ID.
  • Custom Options: Replace From ..

    It almost the same as as ‘Custom Option: Add From ..’ mass action with only one difference – it will remove all custom options in selected list of products and then it will copy all custom options from source product.
  • Custom Options: Remove

    By using this mass product action you can remove custom options from selected list of products.
  • Product Images: Copy From ..

    Some time you need to use same images for several products. With this mass product action you can copy images to selected list of products by specifying source Product ID from which images will be taken.
  • Product Images: Remove

    If you need to remove all images for product or list of products you can just select those product and select ‘Product Images: Remove’ – so extension will remove all images in selected list of products.

Speeding up mass products actions

As we always working on improving performance of the extension and we keep improving performance of mass products actions which you use on daily basis. From version 1.3.0 we started rewriting mass action to achieve maximum speed performance from all mass products actions. In new 1.4.0 version we rebuilt more mass products actions which now also working based on direct SQL calls to database. Below you can see list of rebuilt mass actions which working even more faster since this version. So we applied such improvements to next mass products actions:

  • Related: To Each Other
  • Related: Add ..
  • Related: Clear
  • Cross-Sell: To Each Other
  • Cross-Sell: Add ..
  • Cross-Sell: Clear
  • Up-Sells: To Each Other
  • Up-Sells: Add ..
  • Up-Sells: Clear

Full list of Advanced Admin Products Manager extension you can find on official product page.

If you have active support and updates period, please, feel free to contact our support team to get details about free upgrade to latest version of the extension.

Advanced Products Manager for Magento v1.3.0: Significant improvement in product grid and mass products actions.

As far as our ultimate goal is to provide customers with an excellent product management solution for Magento, we continue improving our Advanced Admin Products Manager extension and ready to present you its next round version with significant improvements, that makes your routing products management tasks more easy and fast.

There as numerous enhancements and new feature we are ready to show:

Products grid views, settings profiles

Sometimes you need more attributes and columns in the product grid, sometimes you want just few of them. In old versions of the extension it were required to re-select list of products attributes each time to change product grid view. In new version we implemented settings Profiling feature, that allows you create stack of settings for required products grid view and save it as separate Profile. So you can create multiple settings profiles and choose any of those profiles in simple profiles switcher, depends to your current needs. So you can quickly change product grid view with own combination of selected products attributes which should be shown in product grid. You can create/edit/remove any of those profiles.

Products grid columns customization

From now you can customize products attributes names, which shown in header of each product grid column. We removed old mouse columns resizing feature and replaced it with more strong way to adjust columns width. Now you can set exact minimum and maximum width of each product attribute/column in pixels. So you can just specify numeric value. If min or max width is empty or zero, extension will use default size of each attribute. Product grid columns order re-arrangement via drag & drop header of particular column is steel there.

Product grid view modes

Many of our customer complained about limitation of editable fields, which doesn’t allow you to see complete value due to lengths of that value. So it might be complicated to identify which particular product value you are working with. To make it more useful we added View Mode switcher which allows you to select from 3 options of products grid view mode. Now you can set:

  1. Full editable product grid mode (default extension grid from early versions)
  2. Editable under mouse hover. When pointer of mouse is under particular product row changes from text to editable mode.
  3. Standard default product grid mode – you can see only products attributes values as text. Same as in default Magento product grid.

Built-in products gallery

We added new feature which will help you to manage products images. From now you can see all products images for any product you see on product grid page. You can set/unset Thumbnail, Small and Base images right from extension products grid page via new built-in products images gallery. Additionally to it – from now extension will help you to identify when images are broken in server products catalog images folder, or if images are not selected, or if product doesn’t have any images.

Products to categories improvement

In early version we gave opportunity to work with multiple categories right from product grid by using Categories ID’s. It is not really useful as it required to open second tab of your Magento with opened Categories Manager page. Take that in consideration we enhanced functionality related to products to categories assignments. Now you can assign/un-assign products to multiple categories by working with natural categories names and paths in categories tree. So it is not necessary to use Categories ID’s anymore. By those of you who still comfortable to use Categories ID’s – this feature is steel there.

Speeding up mass products actions

One of the biggest feature of the extension is list of mass products actions, which allows you apply same update rules/action to list of multiple products. For example to apply discounts when you preparing for Sales season etc. We always working on improving performance of the extension and as result we rebuilt list of some of our mass actions. From now some of those mass products actions working based on direct SQL calls to database. It save tremendous amount of time when running updates for big list of products. So we applied such improvements to next mass products actions:

  • Category: Add
  • Category: Remove
  • Categories: Replace
  • Update: Price
  • Update: Cost
  • Update: Special Price
  • Update: Price based on Cost
  • Update: Special Price based on Cost
  • Update: Special Price based on Price

Full list of Advanced Admin Products Manager extension you can find on official product page.

If you have active support and updates period, please, feel free to contact our support team to get details about free upgrade to latest version of the extension.

What Magento extension is useful for fast checkout?

The last step in making a purchase in your online store is a checkout page. The checkout process is probably one of the key moments in the process of selling goods in your store. This step separates the owner of the online store from getting profit. In this case everyone has only one problem how to reduce cart abandonment rate in your Magento store. After using the experience of 3rd party analytics and reports we can strongly see, that customers leave their checkout process by several reasons:

  • Checkout process is too slow
  • Registration is required before checkout process
  • Long list of steps in checkout process
  • Complicated field forms during checkout process
  • High cost of shipment
  • Hidden cost which appears during checkout process
  • Delivery details are not clear
  • Checkout is not protected via security certificates

As you can see standard Magento checkout process complies has certain problems today. So, as you can see, here are a lot of things which you should take into account. It’s obvious, that every customer should have an opportunity to make their purchases easily and as fast as possible. But such complicated standard Magneto 6 steps checkout process plays the key role in high cart abandonment rate.

We have great solution for list of these issues. That solution is One Step Checkout Magento extension which significantly improves Magento checkout functionality and makes it fully customizable, simple and fast.

The core features, that make One Step Checkout so flexible and fast are:

  1. Checkout on one page

This feature converts standard 6 step Magento checkout process into simple one page checkout process. It shows all required information on just one page, so every customer can simply see all products in cart, all shipping costs, apply discounts, gift wrap, write message related to order and some other. In case a customer is authorized One Step Checkout will automatically load shipping and billing data from customer account, so customer can concentrate only on selecting payment and shipping methods.

  1. Login/Registration

One of most important issues in checkout process is that Magento requires authorization before proceeding to checkout process. You need to create an account in Magento store before you proceed to checkout. In this case a customer can leave checkout page. If registration takes too much time they are more likely to leave the page. To resolve this issue One Step Checkout Magento extension provides options to login or register right on One Step Checkout page via ajax. One Step Checkout provides options to proceed to checkout as a guest. So any user can just avoid registration and concentrate only on shipping or payment information.

  1. Support almost all billing and shipping methods

One Step Checkout automatically loads all standard and custom added payment and shipping methods. It uses standard Magento functionality to load all methods which are registered in Magento. So you can just choose the required payment and shipping method in Magento checkout Shipping, Payment and Checkout settings.

  1. Mobile compatibility

Mobile traffic is rapidly growing from year to year. As a result the amount of people who are looking from products in online stores is growing. One Step Checkout Magento extension is adjusted to any mobile resolutions. So if a customer is trying to proceed to checkout you can be sure, that he will use nice and adjusted view of your website on tablets and mobile devices.

  1. One Step Checkout page customization

It is important to have an option to adjust design of checkout to your brand, store identity. So One Step Checkout has several predefined themes, which you can apply. One Step Checkout provides functionality which allows you remove not necessary information from checkout process. You can add/remove any billing/shipping information from checkout page. You can customize title and description of your checkout page. If you need unique view to meet your website graphic style, this extension will allow you to edit a CSS file.

All these features can make One Step Checkout Magento extension a must have extension as it makes your checkout process fast, flexible, easy, secure. According to statics and analytics One Step Checkout can increate conversion of your checkout process up to 65%. It significantly decreases abandonment cart rate. As result One Step Checkout allows you to generate more sales.

What Magento extension is useful for fast checkout?

What Magento plugins can significantly improve your store sales?

After working with our clients for many years, we have a large number of typical questions which are mostly related to Magento platform.

As you know Magento provides a large range of fundamental features which you can use to operate your online store. But unfortunately it is not always enough to install Magento to solve all problems which you are facing today.

Probably one of the most popular questions which are related to the problem how to improve sales of your magento store?

In this article we will show how you can improve your Magento store sales by improving some functionality via Magento extensions.

  1. Simplify Magento checkout process

One of the most challenging issues of any Magento store is a long and complex checkout process, where you can lose your customers. This process consists of 6 steps. Sometimes it requires for any customer such complex actions as login or forget password feature and thus these actions motivate to leave the checkout process page. The latest statistical and analytical reports provided by many online stores show that the more complex checkout process is the more people are more likely to leave your online store without finishing a purchase. So first of all you should solve this problem.

To do it you can use the Magento One Step Checkout extension, which allows you to simplify the checkout process by reducing standard 6 steps process to the 1 step. One Step Checkout allows you to control and customize the checkout process. Statistics shows, that after you install this Magento extension you will be able to improve conversion rate to up to 65% and as a result up to 65% the total revenue of your online store.

  1. Simplify add to cart process

The second disadvantage in Magento is that when you click on ‘Add to Cart’ button you are automatically redirected to the Shopping Cart page. This transition is not desirable as it stimulates to finish purchase right after adding an item to Shopping Cart. Your store should encourage the buyer to make as many purchases as it is possible. To do this, your buyer should always be focused on choosing the right goods to him. To solve this issue, you can use the Ajax Cart Pro magento extension, that allows your customers to make purchases on your site while remaining on the product or catalog page that will allow your buyer to continue the search for right or most relevant products and add them to the Shopping Cart. Thus Ajax Cart Pro stimulates the growth of the average cart value of your Shopping Cart up to 45% and as result increase revenue generation for your online store.

  1. Integration with 3rd party marketplaces

Sometimes opportunities for generating more sales can be hidden. One of the obvious things to generate more sales is to integrate your Magento store with 3rd party marketplaces and platforms. The most popular in the world are Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Alibaba and a lot of local platforms. To make the process of integration easier to bring more sales to your Magento store you can use M2E Magento extension which integrates your Magento store with Amazon, eBay, Rakuten marketplaces. So you can generate more sales through these platforms.

  1. Built loyalty of your customers

One of crucial aspects of built long term relationships with your customers is to make them loyal to your brand, services or store. To make this happen you can use different approaches. The most popular thing is to provide some bonuses or rewards for purchases or actions which they make. So in next purchase your customers can use this point to receive some sort of discount. A lot of people use it and return to store to make repeat purchases quite often, especially if you remind them via emails time to time. As result your customers became your loyal audience. As you know reward system is not a standard feature of Magento platform. In this case you can use Reward Points Magento extension which enhances your Magento store with such functionality. So you can give reward points for your customers if they make a purchase, write reviews for orders which were made or products which they purchased. You can use follow-ups or subscriptions to your newsletters on your social media channels and so on.

  1. Improve your store visibility for Search Engines

Unfortunately the standard version of Magento Community Edition uses only several basic approaches to improve Search Engine visibility. That situation can make your store not visible for Search Engines. To improve it would be better for you to use as many SEO features as possible to improve your online store visibility. You can use Mageworx SEO Suite Ultimate Magento extension which improves visibility of your online store for Search Engines significantly. So your website will be potentiality high ranked and will appear on top positions of Search Engine Results Pages. As result it will bring more organic traffic to your online store and generate more sales.

  1. Show that your customer are happy with your products/services

Today, buyers are becoming smarter when they are searching and buying goods online. They want to get quality products at the best price and to receive best service. Therefore, before making a purchase the buyer wants to find full information about the product which they are looking for, find feedbacks from people who have already bought this product, and from people who use the services of each particular online store. Positive reviews that people leave on the product page can become a perfect source of this information. As you know getting positive reviews is a challenging task because the buyer usually forgets for a while about your store, because they are happy with the goods and services which they receive. Therefore, customers usually do not leave Reviews. That in turn indirectly affects the volume of purchases of this each particular product in your online store.

To solve this issue, you can use Yotpro magento extension that will automatically sends the customer a letter asking to leave a feedback about making a purchase, or evaluate your company support services. A large number of reviews have positive effect on the average shopping cart value, and as a result your revenue and profit can improve.

  1. Show most relevant cross-sell, up-sell and related products

After they customers click on ‘Add to cart’ button on product or catalog page, a customer will be redirected to the cart page. In many cases a customer will start checkout process or will try to find other products. So as the owner of your online store you need to use this opportunity to offer most relevant products in this case. For example you can offer products which are complementary to products that are added to the shopping cart. The probability, that they customer will purchase these complementary products is extremely high. To do it in your Magento store you can use cross-sell, up-sell, related products features. But unfortunately it is hard to build relations between all products as standard Magento functionality takes ages to complete it. So you can use Advanced Admin Products Manager Magento extension which allows you automate process of creating links between products as cross-sell, up-sell, related products. You can use 1-way or 2-way linking process by using mass actions of Advanced Admin Products Manager or you can specify these links via one page product grid by specifying these relations individually for each products.

  1. Stimulate your customer to finish purchase or complete other actions

Sometimes your old customer can visit your store and search some products or they can add products to which list to make payment in future or they can add products to shipping cart and forget about it for a wile. In fact during when they leave your website your customers can forget about it. So to keep in touch with them you can use Follow Up Magento extension which allows you remind your customers about not finished actions. So you can remind your customer to finish shopping at shopping cart, checkout process, proceed to wish list for purchase, leave feedback, write reviews, and repurchase products if this product can be finishing during the time and so on. So you will make call for actions which can boost your sales.

What Magento plugins can significantly improve your store sales

Boosting your Magento store with a Proper Set of Plugins

As soon as your store begins to grow, you will definitely face an increased routine of tasks concerning the work of you online store.

Any owner of the online store should understand that every customer wants to get a quality product at a reasonable price with good service. And you in turn would like to get profit and revenue growth.

We would like to present you a list of Magento plugins, which will significantly improve performance of your Magento store and save much time and money for you:

Improve sales and customers shopping experience

To encourage visitors of your online store to make purchases it is necessary to make their experience of using your store easy and quickly. To achieve this goal you can use several Magento plugins:

One Step Checkout

According to the latest data and research we can see that a large percentage of customers can leave your online store with making a purchase during checkout. One of the main reasons why this happens is a complicated checkout process because Magento uses 6 steps during checkout. In many cases slow checkout, not clear shipment condition, hidden costs can also become a problem. To solve these problems, you can use One Step Checkout Magento extension which reduces this complicated 6 steps checkout process to only one page and allows you to create custom view of the checkout page. If you use this Magento extension you can manage form fields, so the customer can be focused only on most important data which are required to make a purchase.

Ajax Cart Pro

In order for the customer to be more focused on searching and adding products to the shopping cart, you can use Ajax Cart Pro Magento plugin which allows a customer stay on product and catalog page after clicking to Add to Cart button. So this extension proceeds to Ajax Add to cart instead of redirecting a customer to the Shopping Cart page. So customers are always focused on adding products to the Shopping Cart, and it leads to an increase of the average shopping cart value.

Follow Up Emails

One of the most valuable marketing channels to promote your online store is to send custom emails to your customers. You can communicate with your customers who have already bought something in your store or have registered in your store. To be in touch with your customers you need special tools. Magneto does not offer such built in solutions to do it. That is it why you can install Follow up Emails Magento extension which allows you automate process of sending mails. You can setup different rules and events after which an email can be sent to your customer. For example, if a customer adds something to your shopping cart or to wish list and then leave your store you can remind your customer by email after a certain period of time. If a customer gets reward points which the customer can use you can send him an email about it, so the customer can get back to your online store and continue shopping at you online store which may lead to additional sales in the future.

Reward Points

One of the ways to build loyal audience of your store or brand is to give something valuable for your customers. So you can give bonuses or reward points to your customers who can use it in your next purchases. This approach gives you an opportunity to get an increase of repeated sales from your previous and new customers. So you can use Reward Points or Loyalty extension which allows you build loyal customers.

SEO improvements

Magento standard functionality has only basic features which are required for SEO promotion which is not enough to get top ranking results. In order to improve your Search Engines visibility you require Magento SEO extensions which add markup into your Magento, as well as add other features which give valuable instruction for Search Engine to rank your online store higher in Search Engine Results Pages than your competitors.

Mobile compatibility

Every person today has a mobile device with an access to the Internet. As result of it traffic from mobile devices is growing. In this case you require responsive design of you online store which adapts everything that you have in your online stores to the needs and requirements of mobile devices. So you need themes which are responsive to mobile and tablets devices in order to supply great shopping experience of your customer.


Improve Magento store management processes

Magento has a great stack of functionality, which allows you run your store effectively. But when you have a big list of products in your store it can become a problem to manage everything as it takes too much time to update or just to get required information. So with a short list of improvements with admin Magento extension you can speed up management process significantly and run it more effectively.

Advanced Admin Products Manager

You may know how complicated and routing the process of products management is in Magneto. In order to edit products you need open each a particular product, then find the required product attributes inside of list tabs, then edit and save it. And you have to repeat this process as many times as you want to update products. And only imagine a situation when you need find group of products by some attributes which are not included into product grid. So with Advanced Admin Products Manager Magento plugin you can adjust product grid with any standard and custom added products attributes. Advanced Admin Products Manager allows you edit any of products attributes right in product grid because you don’t need to open each product anymore. Advanced Admin Products Manager provides a list of custom mass products actions that allow you apply the same action to the list of products. You need just select the required products, after that select the required mass action from actions dropdown and the extension will apply the same values, same rules to required products attributes at once. It will save much time and decrease your daily routing significantly.

Advanced Orders Manager

As you know Magento has a built order management system which shows you just basic information in orders grid with grant total of order, order number and few others. It is also important that it does not contain full Shipping and Billing information, it’s does not show ordered products items related to order to organize and package order quickly, so you need open each order individually and find this information inside of order. Also you need open each order to change states/statuses of it. With an Advanced Orders Manager you can adjust order grid to any required information. So you can add, remove any order information from order grid. You can show all ordered items details with pictures, options, names, costs, discount and other information. Advanced Orders Managers allows you to process order in bulk. You should just select the required order and select the required mass action from the actions dropdown. Advanced Orders Manager allows you some core order information right in order grid. This extension also allows you export core order data in CSV and XML files formats.

Ajax Mass Images Uploader

As we have already mentioned when you use Magento you need to open each product individually in order to edit it. The same approach is required if you need to upload or update products images. It is necessary for you to open each product to update/upload images. If you have a large number of products it can take a huge amount of time to do it. In this case you can use Ajax Mass Images Uploader which improves product grid in Magento and solved a problems with product images uploader. So with Ajax Mass Images Uploader you can drag and drop avbunch of products simultaneously to the required products. Also Ajax Mass Images Uploader will upload it via Ajax quickly. You can do it on one page for multiple products at once. So you can save much time to do everything.

Stock Inventory Import

If you have a large inventory list of products in your warehouse or store you may need to manage your stock inventory quickly or you would like to receive stock inventory data from supplier. Standard Magento functionality does not allow you perform such stock inventory adjustments quickly. It is required to open each product individually from products catalog and adjust it for each particular product. Stock Inventory Import Magento extension allows you import stock inventory data right from CSV or XML file. So you can import it via Stock Inventory Import Magento extension just in a few seconds whatever amount of data you have.

Export Orders

Standard Magento functionality does not allow you to export order data from your Magento store. But in most cases this information about orders and sales is required for internal ERP and accounting systems of companies. In this case Magento Export Order extension allows you to export all orders data from Magento in CSV and XML file formats. You can select any sort of orders data, or ordered items. This file can be imported to your ERP, accounting system or any other 3rd party solution.


In case you have a big flow of orders from time to time you may face some problems with orders which can be sent to your customers. Unfortunately sometimes customers are not satisfied with some products or services and make some errors during packaging. To solve this problem you can use RMA Magento extension which allows you automate and track all customer problems and solve them quickly. With this Magento extension you can build really great Customer Care approach and support.

boosting your magento store with plugins

Maximize Your ROI with One Step Checkout in Magento

Every day the share of e-commerce business in global economy is growing. Today more and more online stores appear every day. As a result competition is increasing. Online shops have to invest money to attract customers to their shops through different marketing channels. The cost of attracting traffic to the online stores is growing every day.

As a result, the owners of online stores have to think about how well the attracted traffic is converted into sales. The analysis of the conversions and consumer behavior of different online stores shows that there is room for improvement to increase sales and as a result increase ROI.

Data analysis showed that one of the main problems in any online store which use Magento platform is the checkout process. During checkout process in Magento most online stores are losing from 50% to 85% of the total number of customers who started the checkout process. It usually happens because of several reasons:

  • long and complicated checkout process
  • unclear checkout process: the buyer does not always understand at what stage the buyer is and how much time it is still left to complete purchase
  • online store is not adopted to mobile and table devices
  • required fields cause questions or troubles
  • requirements to leave checkout process for login or registration

To solve these problems, we made the checkout process as simple as possible. Ideally it should have only one step to complete the checkout process with a minimal set of actions and data to complete the purchase. And if you want to make your dreams come true it would be better for you to use One Step Checkout Magento extension.

As you know the standard checkout process in Magento consists of 6 steps. At each of these steps it is necessary to complete the required data. To complete all 6 steps takes much time. Each step increases the risk that the buyer may cancel the process checkout after filling the purchase form. One Step Checkout Magento extension converts the 6 pages magento checkout process into a single page. As a result, the buyer sees all the necessary information to complete the purchase on one page.

One Step Checkout Magento extension also allows you to add and remove the required fields on the checkout page. So you can add / delete such fields as: company, middle name, zip code, country, address line and some other fields. Also you can increase the conversion of your checkout process.

Thanks to One Step Checkout extension user can stay on the checkout page and it simplifies the process of registration or login without leaving checkout process. This allows your customers to save even more time and to be concentrated to complete purchase.

One Step Checkout Magento extension is fully adapted for smartphones and tablets, which significantly increases the conversion of checkout into sales with the help of mobile devices.

One Step Checkout allows you to simplify the checkout process in your Magento store, as a result the One Step Checkout Magento extension improves checkout conversion rate up to 65%. That in its turn increases ROI.

Maximize Your ROI with One Step Checkout in Magento

Make Images Search in Magento a Flawless Procedure

One of the basic processes of any online store is processing of orders and work with the assortments of products. Therefore, it is extremely important for any online store to have flexible and fast orders and products processing tools. Based on the experience of using the products catalog in Magento, you understand that this is not an easy task.

To start editing products in your catalog you need to find it first. One of the simplest and most obvious ways to find the right product for editing is to search for products by combinations of product attributes and visual presence of products. But how you may know that the standard product grid does not show the products images, which in turn:

  • Significantly increases search time of products in the catalog
  • Does not allow to identify which products have no image
  • Complicates the process of distribution of new products in the catalog by product categories
  • Does not allow you to find products easy that can be used as relater, up-sell and cross-sell products

To solve these problems, you can use the Admin Products Grid Images Magento extension. Admin Products Grid Images extension allows you to enhance the standard product grid imaging products. It allows you to choose any product image. You can add it to show in the product grid. You can choose Small, Base or Thumbnail images. You can also control the size of the image data in the product grid. For this task Advanced Product Grid Images allows you to set the width and height of the image. Also you can scale the image to all images displayed proportionally.

With Admin Product Grid Images you can easily visually identify the product. You can see which products have images, and which do not. To do this, you do not need any longer to open each product item individually and spend the large amount of time on it.

How to Manage Magento Inventory Faster

One of the biggest issues of the Magento community edition is the laсk of product catalog management features. This problem occurs when your store wants to stand out from a dozen, a hundreds and more product items in catalog. To update a large amount of products can take days or even weeks with standard management features of Magento store. One of the most important and frequently used operations in the online stores is stock inventory management activities which include quantity of products and availability status of each particular product in catalog of online store. If you work with a large amount of products you will probably spend a lot of time on the products receipt from your suppliers and on maintaining a products catalog in accordance with your warehouse.

To solve this problem, you can use several ways to reduce dramatically the time that you spend on the maintenance of your stock inventory up to date and your warehouse status.

There are three main ways to do that:

  1. Edit inventory data through the admin user Magento interface
  2. Update inventory data through CSV/XML files
  3. Update inventory data by using third-party tools which are integrated with your Magento

The easiest way to keep your stock inventory data up to date in Magento is to use third-party extensions which improve your Magento user interface. The most popular extension which improves user interface of Magento stock inventory management is Stock Inventory Manager. As you may know the standard Magento user interface is routine and requires a lot of time to update a large number of products.

Stock Inventory Manager extension converts standard Magento product grid into editable product grid with mass actions. As a result features of Stock Inventory Manager extension allow you edit inventory level and status for each particular product right in products grid and save updates by clicking ‘Save’ button. Mass actions of Stock Inventory Manager extension allows you apply the same type of update for big list of products. So you can just filter and select the required products and apply the same update value to these products. This extension supports absolute and relative values. Absolute values mean, that you can set final count for stock level, where relative values mean, that you can set only how much new products you received to warehouse or how much products you have out from warehouse by using + (plus) or – (minus) operators.


How to Manage Products Images Faster by SKU

One of the separate issues about product management in Magento store is product images management. As you know, to change or add images to products in the Magento Community Edition, we need follow step-by-step scenario:

  1. Open the required product you want to edit
  2. Open a tab with images of the opened product
  3. Select the images for upload
  4. Wait until the completion of image uploading
  5. Save product information with uploaded images
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the next portion of products

These steps will take a lot of time if we are talking about hundreds or thousands of the products.

You can solve this problem in several different ways:

  1. Use a Magento extension that improves the Magento user interface
  2. Use a script or extension that allows you to add or change data via Magento API
  3. Use a script that will allow you add or modify product images through direct connection with the database Magento data

The quickest and easiest solution is to use Ajax Mass Image Uploader Magento extension that improves the standard features of Magento UI. Ajax Mass Images Uploader extension expands the standard features of the products grid. Using product grid page extension you can add additional section under each particular product. This section displays all of the product images. On some of the images you can see little red icons that indicate which of the images are indicated as a Small, Thumbnail or Base Image. When a mouse pointer is moving over each of the product images you can see that several light blue icons are appearing. By clicking on these icons, you can: install or remove a small / thumbnail / base image indicators, delete an image, exclude or include an image of the product.

Thanks to Ajax Mass Images Uploader Magento extension you don’t have to perform all listed steps above. Ajax Mass Images Uploader allows you simply drag & drop images into additional products section with photos for each specific product. After drag & drop, you will see how your selected images are uploading automatically via Ajax. While the product images are uploading, you can focus on adding images to other products.

Ajax Mass Image Uploader Magento extension also enhances product grid with a Mass Products Actions solutions which allows you to apply certain actions to the list of products. With this mass actions extension you can:

  1. Delete all the images
  2. Reset the Small / Thumbnail / Base indicators for the selected list of products.

Ajax Mass Image Uploader extension allows you easily find any products via general search line and via products filters by SKU, Name, Categories, Products IDs, and others.

As result Ajax Mass Image Uploader Magento extension allows you to save a lot of time by replacing repetitive 6 steps for each product to 1 drag & drop action for each product. These changes allow you to save up to 95% of your time on managing your catalog of product images in Magento store.

Ajax Mass Images Uploader magento extension

How to improve Add to Cart/Wishlist Process in Your Ecommerce Store

Nowadays if you want to reach success in ecommerce it would be better for you to invest much time and money to attract customers to our online store. And if you want to get more money you should think about revenue and profit maximization from each customer in your online store. There are a lot of ways to estimate the effectiveness of each client: the average price of the purchase, the average cost of cart paid by all the customers in our online store and many others. It means that the more a customer adds items to the cart and the more expensive products items are the more is the average profit of your online store.

To increase retention time of the customers in your online shop and increase the average price for items in your shopping cart it would be better for you to simplify the way a customer searches and reviews products because they make a purchase. And after a customer adds products to cart he will be redirected checkout process. As you know in a standard Magento «Add to Cart» version products you should add products to the shopping cart which redirects a customer to the shopping cart page. After that a customer is supposed to proceed to checkout. This sequence motivates customers to complete purchase as soon as possible and at the same time to decrease potential average revenue of the shopping cart.

To increase the average revenue in the shopping cart the customer should completely focus on the products. To do that, it is required to change the sequence of actions when a buyer adds product items to the shopping cart. If you use Ajax Cart Pro extension in your Magento store, you can solve this problem. Ajax Cart Pro allows Magento a store to keep the buyer in the current product category or on the product details page. By clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ button, or ‘Buy’, the buyer is not redirected to the shopping cart page. If the buyer remains on the product description page you still have the opportunity to motivate him to buy the recommended or related products. If the buyer remains on the categories product page or search page the buyer may be focused on reviewing and purchasing other products.

Thus, thanks to Ajax Cart Pro Magento extension customers are always focused on the purchase of additional products, which can ultimately lead to an increase in the average revenue of the shopping cart. When the buyer adds the product items to the shopping cart he has a choice to stay on a purchase page, or go to the cart for checkout. Ajax Cart Pro allows you to configure these sequences in your Magento store.

Ajax Cart Pro allows you to apply the same approach when you add products to the whishlist. Customers can quickly and easily find products that they can save for the future purchases. You can use this information to notify customers with a call to action via email to motivate the purchase.

How to improve Add to Cart/Wishlist Process in Your Ecommerce Store