Real Titbits from the World of Software Outsourcing

Top Secrets about Software Outsourcing Compnaies

It’s not for the first time when clients of different caliber from startups to major companies approach us having under belt frustrating experience in software and IT development outsourcing in different regions, such as Eastern Europe and India. Having carried out a thorough going research, we found out there is not much material available that could send a clear message on how one should choose an outsourcing partner, so that it could turn into a mutually beneficial cooperation. That’s why, against all odds, we decided to launch a series of articles that will contain a considerable amount of insider information that will explicitly inform or even warn about the pitfalls one can encounter dealing with outsourcing vendors. Besides, we will give you a detailed description of solutions to the potential problems or already encountered.

As the majority of resources offer only general information about software development outsourcing, literally “the bits of everything”, we decided to launch a series of informative and themed articles. The problems and solutions that will be described later on are based on our clients’ experience, our personal experience and experience of several of our current employees who previously worked for some other companies with clouded reputation, as well as managed offices in different regions of Eastern Europe and India.

This material will be useful for you if you:

• have never commanded the services of outsourcing companies or custom software development companies;
• use such services on a regular basis;
• have your own outsourcing center in aforementioned regions,

irrespectively whether your experience is positive or negative.

If you have specific preferences regarding the topics of our articles, do not hesitate to contact us or comment below – we will definitely try to help you out, covering these burning issues in detail.

The articles will be really hot! Stay tuned!

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or would like to get any clarifications or consulting.

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