How to choose the right Software Outsourcing Vendor – for SMB

How to choose the right Software Outsourcing Vendor for a Start up

What qualities should an outsourcing vendor possess to meet the needs of your company in the most optimal way? An outsourcing vendor for small and mid businesses should match the following criteria :

How long vendor is present on the market

You should find out how long the company has been working in the outsourcing market. Today the market is really very dynamic, so the company with a 4-5 year history is consider to be fairly stabel. Also, you can check out financial indicators of the potential vendor to make sure your potential outsourcing partner generates enough revenue and is a reliable market player.

Experience of the team

How strong is the formed team of professionals selected to work on your project? You can ask for CV of potential team members who could be assigned to work for you. Treat these developers as if they were your own employees. If the potential vendor is not a medium-scale company, you can ask for CVs of company owners or executives.

Track record of projects and clients.

Current company clients and proven track record of projects. Enquire your potential partner about the quantity and quality of the performed work. Usually the more experience the developer team has, the more experience you can attract to your project which will play a key role in case of difficult abnormal situations.

You can contact some clients of the potential vendor – they can tell you a lot of interesting information about how the vendor works with his clients in the short-term and long outlook and how big the value can be that your potential vendor can bring to you during the whole period of cooperation.

Flexibility in work

Meeting delivery deadlines

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  1. Due to the advent of number of IT companies and small and medium size firms, it has become really very time consuming, confusing and difficult task to hire outsource software developer. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We know lot of inside in world of Outsourcing Vendors. So, the goal of this articles is to show how to be prepared to select shortly right reliable company.

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