How to choose the right Software Outsourcing Vendor for big companies?

smb How to choose the right Software Outsourcing Vendor – for SMB

Today we finish our series of articles about the most effective way of choosing an appropriate outsourcing vendor. In our previous posts we examined the key criteria of choosing the vendor if your company is a start-up or a small/medium enterprise with sustainable growth.

Now we would like to cover the main issues one has to take into consideration when searching for the right outsourcing vendor if your company can be characterized as the one with sustainable growth, long experience and of medium e size.

So, there are 10 questions one has to answer for himself to choose the right outsourcing vendor Continue reading How to choose the right Software Outsourcing Vendor for big companies?

How to choose the right Software Outsourcing Vendor – for SMB

How to choose the right Software Outsourcing Vendor for a Start up

What qualities should an outsourcing vendor possess to meet the needs of your company in the most optimal way? An outsourcing vendor for small and mid businesses should match the following criteria Continue reading How to choose the right Software Outsourcing Vendor – for SMB

How to choose the right Software Outsourcing Vendor for a Start-up

How to choose the right Software Outsourcing Vendor for a Start up

Start-up companies are new entrants, that’s why, the things that really matter to them are rapid growth and sub-vertical development restricted with small budget.

For such companies outsourcing vendor should be selected according to the following criteria:
• the process/scheme of rendering the services
• meeting deadlines of services delivery
• relatively low price

Also, it should be noted that in the first line one needs to find out some information about the potential outsourcing vendor. This applies not only to start-ups, but also to Continue reading How to choose the right Software Outsourcing Vendor for a Start-up

To Outsource or not to Outsource: Risk Factors

To Outsource or not to outsource - Risks Factors

Following the article “To Outsource or not to Outsource” we would like to draw your attention to the risk factors that can occur when working with a handpicked outsourcing vendor.

Hereafter we will review the key aspects you should take into consideration if you decide to make use of software outsourcing services Continue reading To Outsource or not to Outsource: Risk Factors

To Outsource or not to Outsource?

To Outsource or not outsource?

There have been and still are a lot of debates about the outsourcing some business processes to outside organizations. Many start-ups, small, medium and large business wonder which processes should be delegated to services providers and which should be developed in-house. We have statistical information based on our long experience and experience of our clients that both speak to the truth of the statement – one should outsource only those processes which are not crucial for the company, which don’t give a competitive edge or which require investing significant funds into the infrastructure or human resources and this, perhaps, is not affordable at current stage of company growth.

Outsourcing has many advantages such as possibility to concentrate on core business, no need to duplicate key specialists, adaptation of innovative technology, quality improvement and service reliability.

Nevertheless, many companies question the effectiveness of outsourcing.

We would like you to ask yourself a string of questions that will allow you to make a sound decision:
• Will software outsourcing give you more time to focus your attention and efforts on the strengths of your company? If yes, then this will help your employees concentrate more on the reinforcing the strengths, major tasks and future development strategy of the company.
• Will software outsourcing improve your effectiveness and quality of service? Choose such an outsourcing company that specializes on the processes and services that will work for your company welfare.
• Will your business get a competitive advantage? Outsourcing can add flexibility to your business, converting your fixed costs into variable, releasing human resources and assets. Also, it can give your business an advantage when adapting to changing market conditions.

What options do you have? (Let us explore all the options)

You might want to rush headlong into outsourcing – hold it! For a start, set aside some time to think over which processes are best to outsource and which vender is the most appropriate to work with. Let us examine the following:
• What are your key strengths and what are secondary? Which processes are you going to outsource and why?
• What are the costs of implementing this process within the company? Including hidden costs such as office space, recruiting and payment.
• Calculate ROI – ask your potential vendor to help you out with this as nowadays many of them offer such a service.
• Is it worth cooperating with an independent advisor who will search for an appropriate vendor? Doesn’t the advisor recommend the company which he has special arrangements with?
• What are the costs if not outsourcing? Will your business suffer if you don’t invest into knowledge and artifacts your partner already has and can supply you with.

Also, we strongly encourage to ask yourself the following questions before outsourcing:
• Are your expectations realistic?
• Are you ready to regularly set aside time and effort for managing outsourcing relationships (managing the work of outsourcing partner)? Or can you assign a special person who will manage the communication and create tasks for an outsourcing partner?
• Is this process a key concern which your company should address directly for the sake of future competitiveness?

Also, one shouldn’t forget about potential risks that can arise when working with outsourcing partners>>.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or would like to get any clarifications or consulting.

Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Market: Facts and Figures

Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association (CEEOA) released its annual report on the state of IT outsourcing service providers market in the region – “Central and Eastern Europe IT Outsourcing Review 2010”. In fact it’s the only report that more or less objectively describes the state of outsourced software development market in the region. As for Belarus and Ukraine, it’s nearly a single source of statistics on market volume and other important figures.

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Outsourcing to Eastern Europe: Why Belarus?

Until recently a motivation to outsource was primarily connected with cost savings. But as the global outsourcing market is growing bigger and wider, and offering various options, companies become more sophisticated in their business relations. Nowadays not only money has vital importance. Efficiency also does matter. And the choice of an outsourcing location becomes the issue requiring a well-thought and balanced approach.

Today companies from Western Europe and North America tend to choose partners from Eastern Europe, sacrificing their contracts with Indian and Chinese outsourcing providers. The answer to the question “why” seems to be simple – they’re closer both in location and in culture. But that is not all. Companies that make Continue reading Outsourcing to Eastern Europe: Why Belarus?

Belarus on the Global IT Outsourcing Market

It has been decades ago that Central and Eastern European (CEE) region became a renowned player on the global IT outsourcing market. Companies from the North America and Western Europe are getting more interested in partnering with software providers from this part of the world as cultural and business traditions here are more compatible to their own. These and many other advantages of CEE region over India and China provoked boost of interest to the concept of “nearshoring”.

In 2008 IT services export of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus combined counted in 2,2 billion dollars – 1,5 times more than that of China.

There are over a dozen of countries in CEE region that can be called relatively active players of IT outsourcing services market. And while research companies provide evidences of the rapid development of the market in general, let’s have a precise look at positions of Belarus on outsourcing arena.

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