3 additional sales channels for your magento store

The search for new distribution channels of the goods is an important task of any merchant which spending most of the time. In addition to attracting traffic to your online store through the purchase of its advertising, social networking, thematic blogs – there are cheaper ways to do so. Among these methods is to sell goods through online marketplaces. The most popular today are Amazon, eBay, Rakuten.

Today, the online merchant whose shop is operated on the magento platform dosn’t need to duplicate the entire catalog and manage the purchases from the store, and separately on each of the marketplace. You can avail magento extension M2EPro, which harnesses the power of the Magento without intermediaries (without middleware and without cloud solutions which saving merchat’s data of magento site). M2EPro makes Amazon, eBay, Rakuten marketplaces integrated part of Magento store through the full data integration platforms worldwide.

Such solutions can fully automate your inventory management across multiple marketplaces and your magento store. If your product was sold on Amazon – extension automatically updates the inventory level and status in your Magento store and other marketplaces. In case you have received new products from your supplier and updated inventory in your magento store inventory by importing CSV / XML or Stock Inventory Manager – M2EPro extension will automatically update the data for all distribution channels.

M2EPro turns your Magento store to the control center of your goods. Each channel will use your Magento store as the source of all data. So you can add, edit, delete all data about products through the Advanced Admin Products Manager extension or control the images of goods through Ajax Mass Images Uploader magento extension and all information will be automatically synchronized in all the marketplaces. You can flexibly manage the pricing for each of the marketplaces, as often as you see fit – and all prices will be automatically synchronized with each of the platform.

This is the second major part of order management, which also is a big task and requires attention from these marketplaces. So for each order received on Amazon, eBay or Rakuten – M2EPro creates order in Magento store. This order is created bound to marketplace (where it was created) and allows you to centrally manage orders from Magento store. So by using Advanced Orders Manager magento extension, you can edit the order data and add information about the Tracking number. M2EPro automatically updates the same order on the grounds of – on which this order was created. As it turns direct binding orders to automate and manage work orders from one place in your Magento store.


In addition to well-known methods as purchase traffic from search engines, social networks and bloggers – you can also take advantage of the large marketplaces. Since there can be   a lot of those sites – management products and orders in each of them can take a huge amount of time

In this case, you can use ready solutions that allow you to centralize product data and orders. Where your Magento store is the central repository and control center of products and orders. The solution that can help you in this:


3 additional sales channels for your magento store

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