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Advanced Admin Products ManagerBest Seller Magento Enhanced Product Grid

Save up to 95% of the time you spend on managing products in your Magento store.
Add a simple and intuitive, yet efficient extension to enhance your online store’s product management possibilities.
This cutting-edge solution empowers you to update product information with only a few clicks.
The Advanced Admin Products Manager is designed for a better Magento merchant's product management experience. It converts
the standard Magento products manager into an editable product grid that is just like Microsoft Excel! You can edit products data on
a single page, and perform bulk updates in very few clicks, avoiding a time-consuming data management routine.
It's never been easier to make a bulk products update at current time on a single page.
Whatever way you choose to add products into your Magento store - through Product Manager, CSV/XML files or API - you know how time-consuming it usually is. Advanced Admin Products Manager is a comprehensive tool to help you easily edit each attribute or specific products, as well as perform bulk updates through in-grid editable fields or mass actions. With this flexible tool, you can add any attributes to your product grid, and can easily change any kind of product data and perform bulk updates in one click.
Standard and Custom Added Attributes Support Standard and Custom Added Attributes Support
Stock Inventory Manager Stock Inventory Manager
Prices Management Prices  Management
Tier Prices Update & Grouped Prices Update Tier Prices Update & Grouped Prices Update
Multi Store Support Multi Store Support
Attribute Set Change Attribute Set Change
Arrange your screen and stay focused only on required products data at current time.
For your convenience Advanced Admin Product Manager allows you to select which columns you want to see in the catalog products grid at the moment. For example, if you’re planning a discount campaign in your store or want to check stocks items, you can simply select “Special Price” with “Start & End Date” columns for discount or “Quantity” and “Is in Stock” columns for stock management activity. Moreover it gives you freedom to process bulk changes and save updates on the same page without opening each specific product page. Additionally you can rearrange columns positions in any time simple by drag & drop columns header to required column position. Selected columns and positions are saved with direct relation to user accounts. So any admin user can select own list of data.
Flexible Columns Adjustment Flexible Columns Adjustment
Workspace Tailored to Your Needs Workspace Tailored to Your Needs
Data Personalization Data Personalization
Products Attributes Right on Product Grid Page Products Attributes Right on Product Grid Page
Product View From Customer Perspective Product View From Customer Perspective
Grouped & Configurable Products View Grouped & Configurable Products View
Associated Products Editing Associated Products Editing
The ultimate filtering features for prompt and correct products selection.
Advanced Admin Products Manager optimizes the process of wisely managing the store by providing improved search & filtering features for making search process more agile and accurate. It also provides features to make search by multiple SKU and additional components for filtering products by categories ID’s or categories names.
Feel free to choose the way you search!
General Search General Search
Search by Multiple Products SKU’s Search by Multiple Products SKU’s
Search by Multiple Categories ID’s Search by Multiple Products SKU’s
Search by Categories Names Search by Categories Names
Search by Related (Cross-, Upsell and Related Products) Search by Related (Cross-, Upsell and Related Products)
Search by Associated Products (Grouped and Configurable Products Type) Search by Associated Products (Grouped and Configurable Products Type)
Apply mass updates with same rules to list of products at current time on a single page.
Advanced Admin Products manager allows you perform bulk products updates with individual changed products attributes. At the same time it allows you perform mass updates which apply the same rules updates for a list of products. Such as:
'Update' products in one click
Just make all necessary changes in product grid and press Update!
Assign Categories
Select a list of products, choose a category or IDs and press Submit. Bulk products to categories assignmenthasneverbeeneasier!
Remove Categories
Easily remove multiple products from selected categories.
Replace Categories
Change categories for selected products right from product grid.
Change Attribute Set
Change attribute set for selected products. Bulk action is possible as well!
Duplicate Products
Make copies of selected product items, and their product attributes will be copies automatically. No more manual work on this step!
Update Cost/Price/Special Price
Apply price update in bulk for multiple products. You can increase/decrease price by fixed values or by percentage amount, by absolute and relative prices.
Modify Price/Special Price Based on Price/Cost
Just enter discount value (e.g. -25% from price/cost) for selected items, and the system will automatically calculate and save the new or Special Price.
It's never been easier and quick to make mass product relation of Cross-Sell, Up-Sell and Related products.
Advanced Admin Products Manager optimizes the process of managing magento sales motivation tools such as Cross-Sell, Up-Sell and Related products. Extension give you Mass Product Relator tool and summarized custom editable columns which allow you manage relation of Cross-Sell, Up-Sell and Related. This tools allow you build one-way, multiple or remove links (based on products IDs) of Cross-Sell, Up-Sell and Related products on one-page by one-click and save up to 95% time on this task. Using of Product Relater help building relations between products and immediately reflect on profitability increasing in your store.
Catalog Grid Thumbnails/Images
All your product thumbnail images in the catalog product grid at a glance! Add product images (basic, small, thumbnails) into product grid, category manage (into related products), product edit page (into related, cross-sell, up-sell products tabs) and configure size/proportions of these images.
Persistent Catalog Grid Settings
Set your default page size, columns to show and other settings once, and they will be saved in your Store Config. You can activate these settings in a second when you need them again.
Bulk Product Refresh
An advanced solution for multiple products upload and update. This feature also helps to keep data consistent and information up-to-date.
Mass Price update by percentage value
Hot! Just Released
An advanced solution for multiple prices (Price, Special Price, Cost, MSRP) of products update on percentage values, helps avoiding hands calculation and updates.
Quick Export
Once you select the export to CSV/XML action from the mass action drop down, it will create a CSV/XML with all the selected products and send it as a file to your browser.
Stock Management
You can sort items across your entire store, easily keep an eye on your stock, check and update product availability in your store.
Grid Row Highlighter
As the extension focuses exclusively on the needs of stores with a wide variety of products, it allows to easily work with large amount of data. You can highlight rows simply by dragging your cursor over the rows while holding CTRL.
Make Advanced Admin Products Manager as Default
Set this extension as default products manager in your Magento via settings page and keep your online business well organized.


«The Iksanika team has put together remarkable features that make online store management a simple procedure. With this tool we’ve significantly reduced expenses on content management, and thus boosted our business efficiency.»

— Olga Vergej, Manager at
«In fact - must have extension to all merchants. This extension really does have it all. Admin, content managers experience has been proven to be excellent and save huge amount of time. Best feature is their support. I've never had such excellent service and quick help!»

— David Stivens, Magento Connect
5.0 out of 5 stars 4.9 / 5 4
US $149.00
  • General Questions

    • Full range of payment methods are supported. The most common ways to proceed payments are PayPal or Credit Card. You can pay for our magento extensions in any convenient for you way. Security and fraud protection are guaranteed.

    • You can find full end-user license agreement by following link: /products/IKS-LICENSE.txt

    • Our license allows you to use a single extension license on one Magento installation. Extension is installation related, not domain related. Under one extension license you can run one extension per Magento installation. If your one instance of Magento installation runs several domains, you can use one extension license. If you run each website on a new installation of Magento, you need purchase separate license for each of them.

    • You can check our detailed installation instruction

    • Yes, you can install any Iksanika extension on a test or staging site and configure all the settings there before doing it on your live store. The only requirements is, that it is test/staging site of the same production magento site.

    • Yes, you can. Iksanika provides a 15-days money back guarantee. No risks for you.

    Product Related Questions

    • Advanced Admin Products Manager allows you to edit any standard and custom added products attributes, except products images. By standard products attributes we meat all products attributes which are exists by default in Magneto. By custom added products attributes we mean all products attributes which you can add via Magento Products Attributes Manager. Advanced Admin Products Manager will automatically recognize type of the product attribute and will product you appropriate entry field to add/edit attribute values.

      To mass products images upload or images editing you can take a look to our Ajax Mass Images Uploader extension, which allow you manage products images in bulk. As easy and fast as you can do it with Advanced Admin Products Manager.

    • Yes, with out Advanced Admin Products Manager extension you can add standard and custom added product attributes and edit them right from the grid.

    • Please open Advanced Admin Products Manager settings and select the Special Price in list of products attributes and Save settings.

    • You need to make required products attributes displayed. All products attributes displayed with editable fields. If you want to edit something right on the product grid, you need just to enter value or edit exist one. After editing value you need click button "Save Changes".

    • Yes, Advanced Admin Products Manager allows you to add any product attributes like product name, products prices, Stock Quantity, Stock Availability, Product thumbnail/base/small images, brand, color, etc.

    • With the Advanced Admin Products Manager Extension you can export all products data which you see on the grid to CSV or XML file.

    • Yes, an Advanced Admin Products Manager module support settings per admin user with custom sets of columns and columns orders to be displayed. You or other admins always using own settings profile, so anyone can work with own stack of product data with interrupting each other.

    • Yes, Advanced Admin Products Manager allows you to enable a category filter. You can use two ways of category filtering:

      1. You can pick one required category from list of categories by using Category product column. Or

      2. You can set numerous categories IDs via comma separator to filter products by multiple categories simultaneously.

    • Yes, extension has a drag-and-drop option to adjust the product grid layout, so you can choose in which order the columns should be displayed.

    • Yes, you extension support website scopes, so you can change any of product attributes (prices, names, etc) per website. Make sure the appropriate product attribute has a required scope in Magento Admin Settings. For example for prices you need to check: Admin > System > Configuration > Catalog > Price tab.

    • Yes, Advanced Admin Products Manager can proceed huge amount of products. However it can take some amount of time. Our extension meets all Magento development standards, that require direct use of Magento Framework and API. Unfortunately, in some cases Magento Framework and API is complicated and depends on action you take - it could take some amount of time, depends on server configuration and server performance. So if you want to apply some action for 1000+ products it might take several minutes to proceed it. So you need take that in consideration and apply appropriate settings to your web server and php.ini files, so it can take Magento live during appropriate amount of time.

    • Yes, Advanced Admin Products Manager extension has mass products actions, that allows you add/replace/remove relations, cross-sells or up-sells in bulk.

    • No, our magento extension will not delete associated simple products if you use “Update Attributes” mass action, as it is a native Magento mass action. Advanced Admin Products Manager doesn't change its native functionality.

    • Yes, it is possible. With Advanced Admin Products Manager you can specify 'Attribute Set' for products individually right in the product grid in 'Attribute Set' column. Or if you want to apply same 'Attribute Set' for list of products - you can just select required list of products, then choose built into the extension mass product action 'Update Attribute Set' and specify which Attribute Set you would like to apply to this selected list of products, and click 'Apply'. So extension will change selected Attribute Set for selected list of products.

      Please note that it’s not possible to convert simple products to configurable ones and vice versa.

    • You can do assign/delete/replace a website with "Update Attributes" mass action. You need to select list of products which you would like to assign/delete/replace to website, then in Mass Actions dropdown you need click "Update Attributes". After it, you need select "Website" tab, where you can specify to which website selected products should be or not assigned. After clicking "Save" button, it will apply changes which you specified.

    • Advanced Admin Products Manager give you two options, that you can use depends on goals you have.

      1. If you need apply different title and descriptions values for list of products, you can just select title and description columns in extension settings sections. Then you can edit values for title and description columns for required products. Then click "Save Change" to save all changes.

      2. If you need to apply same values for title and same for description you can “Update Attributes” mass product action. Choose it in mass products actions drop-down. Then you can modify meta data (title, descriptions, etc.) or any other attributes you need and click "Save" button to apply changes to selected list of products.

    • If you need to assign a product to a several categories (sub-categories, parent categories, root category), you can use few approaches to achieve it:

      1. If you need apply assign products to list of different categories, you can just select "Categories IDs" column in extension settings sections. Then you can edit values for "Categories IDs" column with different list of categories for required products. You can specify Categories IDs with comma separator. It can be different stack of categories for different products. Then click "Save Change" to save all changes.

      2. If you would like to assign products to same list of categories you should use "Add Category" mass product action, which you can find in dropdown of mass products actions. This mass action is sensitive to extension setting "Category Names/IDs" - if "Category IDs" is selected, then mass action will expecting list of categories IDs with comma separator, otherwise it will propose you to select one category from tree of categories available in your Magento store. You can navigate to full extension settings page by clicking "Detailed configuration .." in settings section of the product grid page, or you can go to System > Configuration > IKSANIKA > Advanced Products Manager > Mass Actions Settings > Categories Name/IDs > Category IDs.

    • Here is main reason to use "Save Changes" button, is that you save much more time you spend on products management with "Save Changes" comparing to Ajax call after each edited field. The thing is, that in most cases customer choose most appropriate hosting/server option to start or to keep their online Magento store. Unfortunately, in most cases Magento Framework is not as fast as it might be if here will be direct calls to database. So, when you edited field and Ajax call send request to save new value - by using standard Magento Framework, extension will load full products data, then apply new value to that product data, then trigger Magento Framework to save that new products data. During each of this cycles (ajax calls) you have to wait until server will save those values and only after it you can edit next editable field. Lets imagine you have 200+ products with 6 attributes you need to update, so in perfect case you will generate at least 200*6 = 1200 calls to save each changes. As result, to save you time we decided, that it is better idea to edit all that data on one page and only after you finished that changes, you can just click "Save Changes" and extension sent only one ajax call to save all those changed data in one iteration. So it is significant time saver for you as well as it is not overload your server with to many requests.

    • Version 1.3.0:

      New features:
      + Products view modes / Settings Profiles. Add/Delete/Update. Settings of product grid linked to profile.
      + Products grid columns customization. Edit column titles. Set column width in pixels.
      + Product grid view mode. 3 product grid view modes available now: editable, hover (edit product when mouse is on product row) and view mode
      + Built-in products gallery. All products images can be seen from product grid. Base, Small and Thumbnail images can be chosen right from product grid. Advanced images issues detection: if no images in product or if images are broken in Magento storage folder.
      + Improved in-grid products to categories assignments/un-assignments. Now it is possible to assign products to multiple categories from dropdown categories tree.
      + Mass Products Actions performance improved:
           Category: Add
           Category: Remove
           Categories: Replace
           Update: Price
           Update: Cost
           Update: Special Price
           Update: Price based on Cost
           Update: Special Price based on Cost
           Update: Special Price based on Price

      * Issue: now settings can be changed from product grid even if cache mode is activated. It is not required to refresh cache to apply new settings from extension product grid page.
      * Code refactoring.

    • Version 1.2.1:

      * Mass Products Actions Popup appearance issue resolved after Ajax calls completed in FireFox.

    • Version 1.2.0:

      New features:
      + Advanced Admin Products Manager UI was significant rebuild, to decrease amount of routing action you made and decrease amount of time you use mass action dropdown.
      + 'Save Changes' button was added. So you don't need to click mass action dropdown each time to save change you made in the product grid.
      + Auto selection of edited products. Now you don't need to select product if you editing product data right in the product grid - extesnion will select all edited product automatically, so you need only to click 'Save Change' button.

      * SUPEE compatibility

    • Version 1.1.3:

      * Group and Tier prices features - problem when paginating products, now working stable.

    • Version 1.1.2:

      * Media files updated.
      * Multi-store mode load data issue resolved for names and tax-classes.
      * Tier and Group prices improvements.
      * JS files load only on extension screens.
      * Date Picker resolved issue with local selected in Magento settings, now depends on your Magento setting it will load and store data in appropriate data/time formats.

    • Version

      Adjusted to support latest version of Magento.

    • Version 1.1.0:

      New Feature:
      + Categories Names (column with list of categories - not IDs, but names with full path). With filtering feature.
      + Stock Inventory Manager relative commands - allow add/decrease/multiple current qty stock to defined value.
      + Mass Prices Updater relative commands (100 - absolute values, +10/-10 - relative add/minutes; +10%/-10% - relative add/minutes percentage).
      + Additional fields in extensions (Price Updater, Special Price Updater etc.) was remove due to new way to use relative update right in the prices cell.
      + Added Tier Prices Updater features (with absolute values and relative values support same as for core prices attributes).
      + Added Grouped Prices Updater (with absolute values and relative values)
      + Rearrange columns positions: change position of columns right in right product grid by drag & drop column header to usefull positions. Positions is saved for each magento admin accounts personally.
      + Select products attributes right on product grid page. Now you don't need go to system/configuration page to configure extension - you can do it right on the product grid in easy way. It saves settings via ajax request - so you can stay on same place to move forward quicker on products management tasks.
      + Generate list of mass actions - which allow apply same changes to selected list of products.
      + Add/Rearrange/Edit custom added products attributes (products attribute, that was added via Magento Products Attributes Manager) - extension automatically load that data.
      + Select/Dropdown entry field type. It was added first empty element - in case if none of elements can be selected, empty one will be selected by default for this attribute.
      + Advanced Admin Products Manager Allows you to change products Attribute Set right in the product grid.
      + Visual Grouping by Configurable products: Show all simple products related to configurable. Is configurable via settings - you can show and hide related simple products. Support expand/collapse UI elements, so you can see simple products only in case if it is required at the moment.
      + Visual Grouping by Grouped products: Show all grouping by this products types products. It configurable via settings. It shows all simple products related to configurable.
      + Added Link to Front page of product (show public product page) where Edit link is placed.
      + 'Add Product'/'Edit Product' allow you to set Advanced Admin Products Manager as default product manager tools of your Magento store. It mean, that it will redirect you to Advanced Admin Products Manager after create/save/update product actions on detailed product page in your magento admin interface. It can be configured from settings page and settings block on extension product grid workspace.
      + Associated/Related product for Configurable and Grouped products. New column with filtering/sorting features, that shows product IDs which are associated with configurable and grouped product as simple products. This columns allow you to add/edit/remove simple products for configurable and grouped products right in the product grid and save it in bulk update on one page.
      + Associated/Related product shows depending on settings page.
      + Products Grid Images is optimizing images size now by resizing it on the fly - to show small version of images, not the original size of images, that may crush and significantly slow down page load speed in magento admin product grid page.
      + Added new column with product images on standard products edit page: on related, cross-sell, up-sell & add images to category pages.

      New Mass Products Actions features:
      + New mass action: Attribute Set mass action update
      + New mass action: Duplicate products
      + New mass action: Assign Category
      + New mass action: Remove Category
      + New mass action: Replace Categories
      + New mass action: Update Cost
      + New mass action: Update Price
      + New mass action: Update Special Price
      + New mass action: Modify Special Price using Price
      + New mass action: Modify Price using Cost
      + New mass action: Modify Special Price using Cost
      + New mass action: Duplicate Products

      * FIX: Bug with " symbol in text fields
      * FIX: Set Store Id when mass actions are performed to save required changes for specified store
      * FIX: store based update + store based redirect
      * FIX: multiple ids via comma separator in filter for cross sell, related and up sell products ids
      * FIX: associated products: hide input fields when products are not configurable of groupped
      * FIX: associated products: save on update (exp: configurable - required complex field element)

    • Version 1.0.4:

      New Feature:
      + Store Switcher allow merchants to manage multiple websites/stores in Advanced Admin Products Manager. Merchant can easy select specify store and apply specific bulk product updates to required products and products attributes related to selected store.
      + Search Line: allow merchant simple and quick search through all products data (attributes) in single search line, also search support store switcher.

    • Version 1.0.3:

      New Feature:
      + Bulk/Mass Relating Products: Multi-relate, One-way relate, Reset Relate;
      + Bulk/Mass Cross-selling Products: Multi-Cross-Sell, One-way Cross-Sell, Reset Cross-Sell;
      + Bulk/Mass Up-Selling Products: One-way up-Sell, Reset Up-Sell.
      + Added Extra Custom and Editable Column of up-sell, cross-sell, related products ids - for easy management on the fly with one page bulk/mass update.

    • Version 1.0.2:

      New Feature:
      + Bulk update of Price, Special Price, Cost, MSRP
      + Support of absolute and relative values. You can update any products attributes with price product attribute type by specified percentage value (increase, decrease). Percentage values can be same and different and specified for different products row on one page and after updated in one click.

    • Version 1.0.1:

      - Fixed: overrides of core Magento JS classes by other extensions, which reflect on ustable work of Advanced Admin Products Manager
      - Fixed: products which are not assigned to any categories was not showed
      - Fixed: not correct status of is_in_stock column
      - Adjusted to Magento Community Editions 1.5, 1.6.*, 1.7.*

    • Version 1.0.0:

      + Filter products by one and multiple categories (by categories IDs with comma separator)
      + Filter products by one and multiple SKU's (problem with auto credential (comma separator)
      + Configurable stack of products attributes/columns with field type editor (input/date/selectors etc.)
      + Editable fiels in product grid to make specified mass editing with mass update
      + In-grid Stock Management (Quantity, Is_In_Stock)
      + Images in Products Manager Grid (thumbnails, small and regular images). Configurable size - (1) proportional (2) depends on width and height
      + One-page Mass/Bulk products update and refresh
      + Products Export as CSV, XML

      Advanced Admin Products Manager allows you to edit/update on one-page/bulk/mass update the following products attributes:

      + id
      + name
      + sku
      + category ids
      + price
      + qty
      + is_in_stock
      + visibility
      + status
      + weight
      + thumbnail (show)
      + image (show)
      + small image (show)
      + description
      + short_description
      + enable_googlecheckout
      + gift_message_available
      + image (base_image)
      + is_recurring
      + meta title
      + meta keywords
      + meta description
      + news_from_date
      + news_to_date
      + tax_class_id
      + url_key