Stock Inventory Import

Start save up to 97% of your time on products stock inventory management in your Magento store today!
Stock Inventory Import magento extension allow you automate stock level and status updates via CSV and TXT files.
Magento Stock Inventory Import extension

Stock Inventory Import extension save lots of time you spend on routine manual process of stock inventory data update in via standard magento product edit interface. It allow you perform stock updates quickly and easy in your Magento store. Update stock level from third party systems via CSV or TXT files into your Magento store has never been easier and quicker.

With extension you can import all product stock fields, such as: Quantity in stock, Is in stock and Manage stock. You can just select CSV or TXT file, which contain product identifier (SKU, product_id or custom attribute) and quantity information, then click Upload – extension will perform updates according to configuration within seconds.

Extremely fast import
Extension perform stock inventory import in very fast way. It does not use magento product model functions and dataflow features, as result it update 1000-3000+ products per second.
Standard and custom product identifiers
You can use SKU, Product Id or any other attributes e.g. barcode, EIN as product identifier in CSV files to identify product which should be updated with given data.
Absolute and Relative for quantity level
Relative values allow you save time on recalculation stock level for any particular product. You can simply use commands +/- to update current quantity with new inventory (e.g +7 or -7).
Automated 'Out of stock' status
Based on configuration extension can or not automatically change 'out of stock' attribute for product based on new value of quantity level.
Reindex catalog after CSV or TXT import
As reindex process take lot of time you can set if it is required to run reindex catalog or not after any file import completion.
Magento Stock Inventory Import extension

Stock Inventory Import module provide agile stack of settings which allow you upload CSV and TXT (Tab-ed, Fixed Length) of different formats, standards and internal structures. You can configure extension quickly for any particular case and file format. Core configuration settings for files is:

Skip header line
In some cases you may use default mapping or use custom mapping configured via extension settings in this case you may required to use in first line header line (name of columns). Otherwise you can just skip it by disable this field.
Define enclosure of fields
Complex CSV or TXT files may have complex data. It mean, that sentences can be separated by some special characters as spaces, commas - what can be conflicting with delimiter symbol. To avoid it - you can set any enclosure symbol which will contain data for column.
Set delimiters
Different CSV and TXT files formats use different internal symbols to separate values between columns. Extension allow you define any symbol as delimiter (e.g. comma as , or tab delimiter as /t and so on).
Map fields
In some cases you may have CSV or TXT file from your supplier with own internal structure and identifiers. To accept this file for import you can configure mapping feature, which map (associate) columns data from file to Magento stock inventory products attributes.

Here is 3 small examples of CSV files with stock inventory data which you can import into your magento store. It include examples of SKU, product id identifier as well as custom attribute product identifier as barcode:

It’s never been easier and faster to make mass products stock inventory updates in your Magento store at current time. Let's try it now!

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