5 Killer Tips to Enhance Customer Experience in your Magento Store

If you want to succeed in ecommerce, your online storefront must be exceptional. Magento provides you with all the easy to access web tools that you need to make it happen. Once you boot up the Magento platform, keep these five tips in mind to guarantee success.

1. Get Used to the Grid

Most of Magento’s powerful web tools use a grid interface that provides everything you need to know in an easy to understand spreadsheet. If you aren’t familiar with this format, take some time to get used to it. With very few exceptions, the grid is the best way to make sure you get work done efficiently. By getting used to it early, your transition into this platform will be that much easier.

2. Update En Masse

For any sort of large updates, be it for stock, price changes, or virtually anything else, Magento has a bulk update option that can allow you to do everything as quickly as the wind. Make sure to always keep that in mind for large batch jobs. That will save you time when managing your records, and we all know that time is money, especially when it comes to an online business where efficiency is the best way to guarantee profitability.

3. Set your Algorithms

Magento features algorithms that allow you to cross sell and up sell customers whenever they browse your store or make a purchase. Make sure that you customize your algorithms to match the type of behavior you want to see from your customers. That will increase the chance that the customers choose related items when they make a purchase. It will also help turn them into repeat customers, since they’ll know that they can get everything they want from your storefront.

4. Customize your Storefront

One of the most important aspects to an online storefront is a matter of uniqueness. If your store looks like somebody else’s, it increases customer confusion and decreases the likeliness of people using your services. Magento provides easy image uploads and lots of customization tools to help enhance a storefront. Before going live, make sure you use them so that you can truly offer your customers a unique experience they won’t get anywhere else.

5. Identify your Routine Tasks and Simplify Them

When you start using Magento, take a moment to look through your normal business tasks. The ones that you do every day are the potential time wasters – every minute that you’re spending on those routine tasks is taking away from something else you could be doing. When you have your tasks identified, make sure to enter them into Magento and get ready for simplification. Once of the great benefits of Magento is its ability to streamline routine tasks and save you a lot of time.

Magento is one of the most powerful ecommerce platforms that you will ever encounter. Armed with these five simple but effective tips, you’ll be able to enhance your business and turn it into something unique and wonderful in a matter of minutes.

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