Magento Extensions

We always keep our Magento Extensions compatible with all latests Magento versions. All our Magento Modules meets Magento development standards and installation process. All our plugins easily installing even on highly customized stores!

The world's best Administration tools for Magento.

Save up to 95% of your time on managing products, orders, customers in your Magento store.

Sales Motivation & User Experience.

Increase conversion rates, average cart price, visit duration up to 50% in your Magento store.

Coming Soon Magento extensions.

Will save your time on managing products and generate more revenue in your Magento store.

If you’re running an e-commerce business you know it’s nearly impossible to succeed in standing still. There’re lots of challenges to face and even more opportunities to employ. Using the potential of Magento – the world's fastest growing open-source e-commerce platform – at fullest is the number one step to success.

Iksanika, a software development company with 10+ years of experience, helps e-commerce projects get ahead. We use our experience in custom project development and affiliated Magento-based store management to generate ideas. Each of our initiatives in Magento extensions and plug-in development comes from practice. And the results they lead to is, in turn, proved in practice. Iksanika Magento extensions make your business more profitable by:

  • Increasing conversions from visitors to customers
  • Building the number of loyal and return customers
  • Multiplying the average customer receipt amount
  • simplifying your routine tasks and saving up to 95% of your time

Iksanika Magento plug-ins solve the problems that most online stores face and thus:

  • Enhance your online store management possibilities
  • Turn your store into an efficient shopping gateway
  • Simplify your routine tasks and save you time
  • Make your business stand out from competition
  • Boost your sales

Discover the variety of Magento extensions Iksanika has to offer and choose the one to make your business grow.

If you haven’t found a Magento extension or plugin that fits your needs, please contact us to obtain a quote on custom work. You’ll be surprised to know that it can cost you less than an average extension from Magento Connect.