Advanced Products Manager for Magento v1.3.0: Significantly improved product grid and mass products actions.

As far as our ultimate goal is to provide customers with an excellent product management solution for Magento, we continue improving our Advanced Admin Products Manager extension and ready to present you its next round version with significant improvements, that makes your routing products management tasks more easy and fast.

There as numerous enhancements and new feature we are ready to show:

Products grid views, settings profiles

Sometimes you need more attributes and columns in the product grid, sometimes you want just few of them. In old versions of the extension it were required to re-select list of products attributes each time to change product grid view. In new version we implemented settings Profiling feature, that allows you create stack of settings for required products grid view and save it as separate Profile. So you can create multiple settings profiles and choose any of those profiles in simple profiles switcher, depends to your current needs. So you can quickly change product grid view with own combination of selected products attributes which should be shown in product grid. You can create/edit/remove any of those profiles.

Products grid columns customization

From now you can customize products attributes names, which shown in header of each product grid column. We removed old mouse columns resizing feature and replaced it with more strong way to adjust columns width. Now you can set exact minimum and maximum width of each product attribute/column in pixels. So you can just specify numeric value. If min or max width is empty or zero, extension will use default size of each attribute. Product grid columns order re-arrangement via drag & drop header of particular column is steel there.

Product grid view modes

Many of our customer complained about limitation of editable fields, which doesn’t allow you to see complete value due to lengths of that value. So it might be complicated to identify which particular product value you are working with. To make it more useful we added View Mode switcher which allows you to select from 3 options of products grid view mode. Now you can set:

  1. Full editable product grid mode (default extension grid from early versions)
  2. Editable under mouse hover. When pointer of mouse is under particular product row changes from text to editable mode.
  3. Standard default product grid mode – you can see only products attributes values as text. Same as in default Magento product grid.

Built-in products gallery

We added new feature which will help you to manage products images. From now you can see all products images for any product you see on product grid page. You can set/unset Thumbnail, Small and Base images right from extension products grid page via new built-in products images gallery. Additionally to it – from now extension will help you to identify when images are broken in server products catalog images folder, or if images are not selected, or if product doesn’t have any images.

Products to categories improvement

In early version we gave opportunity to work with multiple categories right from product grid by using Categories ID’s. It is not really useful as it required to open second tab of your Magento with opened Categories Manager page. Take that in consideration we enhanced functionality related to products to categories assignments. Now you can assign/un-assign products to multiple categories by working with natural categories names and paths in categories tree. So it is not necessary to use Categories ID’s anymore. By those of you who still comfortable to use Categories ID’s – this feature is steel there.

Speeding up mass products actions

One of the biggest feature of the extension is list of mass products actions, which allows you apply same update rules/action to list of multiple products. For example to apply discounts when you preparing for Sales season etc. We always working on improving performance of the extension and as result we rebuilt list of some of our mass actions. From now some of those mass products actions working based on direct SQL calls to database. It save tremendous amount of time when running updates for big list of products. So we applied such improvements to next mass products actions:

  • Category: Add
  • Category: Remove
  • Categories: Replace
  • Update: Price
  • Update: Cost
  • Update: Special Price
  • Update: Price based on Cost
  • Update: Special Price based on Cost
  • Update: Special Price based on Price

Full list of Advanced Admin Products Manager extension you can find on official product page.

If you have active support and updates period, please, feel free to contact our support team to get details about free upgrade to latest version of the extension.

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