What Magento extension is useful for fast checkout?

The last step in making a purchase in your online store is a checkout page. The checkout process is probably one of the key moments in the process of selling goods in your store. This step separates the owner of the online store from getting profit. In this case everyone has only one problem how to reduce cart abandonment rate in your Magento store. After using the experience of 3rd party analytics and reports we can strongly see, that customers leave their checkout process by several reasons:

  • Checkout process is too slow
  • Registration is required before checkout process
  • Long list of steps in checkout process
  • Complicated field forms during checkout process
  • High cost of shipment
  • Hidden cost which appears during checkout process
  • Delivery details are not clear
  • Checkout is not protected via security certificates

As you can see standard Magento checkout process complies has certain problems today. So, as you can see, here are a lot of things which you should take into account. It’s obvious, that every customer should have an opportunity to make their purchases easily and as fast as possible. But such complicated standard Magneto 6 steps checkout process plays the key role in high cart abandonment rate.

We have great solution for list of these issues. That solution is One Step Checkout Magento extension which significantly improves Magento checkout functionality and makes it fully customizable, simple and fast.

The core features, that make One Step Checkout so flexible and fast are:

  1. Checkout on one page

This feature converts standard 6 step Magento checkout process into simple one page checkout process. It shows all required information on just one page, so every customer can simply see all products in cart, all shipping costs, apply discounts, gift wrap, write message related to order and some other. In case a customer is authorized One Step Checkout will automatically load shipping and billing data from customer account, so customer can concentrate only on selecting payment and shipping methods.

  1. Login/Registration

One of most important issues in checkout process is that Magento requires authorization before proceeding to checkout process. You need to create an account in Magento store before you proceed to checkout. In this case a customer can leave checkout page. If registration takes too much time they are more likely to leave the page. To resolve this issue One Step Checkout Magento extension provides options to login or register right on One Step Checkout page via ajax. One Step Checkout provides options to proceed to checkout as a guest. So any user can just avoid registration and concentrate only on shipping or payment information.

  1. Support almost all billing and shipping methods

One Step Checkout automatically loads all standard and custom added payment and shipping methods. It uses standard Magento functionality to load all methods which are registered in Magento. So you can just choose the required payment and shipping method in Magento checkout Shipping, Payment and Checkout settings.

  1. Mobile compatibility

Mobile traffic is rapidly growing from year to year. As a result the amount of people who are looking from products in online stores is growing. One Step Checkout Magento extension is adjusted to any mobile resolutions. So if a customer is trying to proceed to checkout you can be sure, that he will use nice and adjusted view of your website on tablets and mobile devices.

  1. One Step Checkout page customization

It is important to have an option to adjust design of checkout to your brand, store identity. So One Step Checkout has several predefined themes, which you can apply. One Step Checkout provides functionality which allows you remove not necessary information from checkout process. You can add/remove any billing/shipping information from checkout page. You can customize title and description of your checkout page. If you need unique view to meet your website graphic style, this extension will allow you to edit a CSS file.

All these features can make One Step Checkout Magento extension a must have extension as it makes your checkout process fast, flexible, easy, secure. According to statics and analytics One Step Checkout can increate conversion of your checkout process up to 65%. It significantly decreases abandonment cart rate. As result One Step Checkout allows you to generate more sales.

What Magento extension is useful for fast checkout?

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