Boosting your Magento store with a Proper Set of Plugins

As soon as your store begins to grow, you will definitely face an increased routine of tasks concerning the work of you online store.

Any owner of the online store should understand that every customer wants to get a quality product at a reasonable price with good service. And you in turn would like to get profit and revenue growth.

We would like to present you a list of Magento plugins, which will significantly improve performance of your Magento store and save much time and money for you:

Improve sales and customers shopping experience

To encourage visitors of your online store to make purchases it is necessary to make their experience of using your store easy and quickly. To achieve this goal you can use several Magento plugins:

One Step Checkout

According to the latest data and research we can see that a large percentage of customers can leave your online store with making a purchase during checkout. One of the main reasons why this happens is a complicated checkout process because Magento uses 6 steps during checkout. In many cases slow checkout, not clear shipment condition, hidden costs can also become a problem. To solve these problems, you can use One Step Checkout Magento extension which reduces this complicated 6 steps checkout process to only one page and allows you to create custom view of the checkout page. If you use this Magento extension you can manage form fields, so the customer can be focused only on most important data which are required to make a purchase.

Ajax Cart Pro

In order for the customer to be more focused on searching and adding products to the shopping cart, you can use Ajax Cart Pro Magento plugin which allows a customer stay on product and catalog page after clicking to Add to Cart button. So this extension proceeds to Ajax Add to cart instead of redirecting a customer to the Shopping Cart page. So customers are always focused on adding products to the Shopping Cart, and it leads to an increase of the average shopping cart value.

Follow Up Emails

One of the most valuable marketing channels to promote your online store is to send custom emails to your customers. You can communicate with your customers who have already bought something in your store or have registered in your store. To be in touch with your customers you need special tools. Magneto does not offer such built in solutions to do it. That is it why you can install Follow up Emails Magento extension which allows you automate process of sending mails. You can setup different rules and events after which an email can be sent to your customer. For example, if a customer adds something to your shopping cart or to wish list and then leave your store you can remind your customer by email after a certain period of time. If a customer gets reward points which the customer can use you can send him an email about it, so the customer can get back to your online store and continue shopping at you online store which may lead to additional sales in the future.

Reward Points

One of the ways to build loyal audience of your store or brand is to give something valuable for your customers. So you can give bonuses or reward points to your customers who can use it in your next purchases. This approach gives you an opportunity to get an increase of repeated sales from your previous and new customers. So you can use Reward Points or Loyalty extension which allows you build loyal customers.

SEO improvements

Magento standard functionality has only basic features which are required for SEO promotion which is not enough to get top ranking results. In order to improve your Search Engines visibility you require Magento SEO extensions which add markup into your Magento, as well as add other features which give valuable instruction for Search Engine to rank your online store higher in Search Engine Results Pages than your competitors.

Mobile compatibility

Every person today has a mobile device with an access to the Internet. As result of it traffic from mobile devices is growing. In this case you require responsive design of you online store which adapts everything that you have in your online stores to the needs and requirements of mobile devices. So you need themes which are responsive to mobile and tablets devices in order to supply great shopping experience of your customer.


Improve Magento store management processes

Magento has a great stack of functionality, which allows you run your store effectively. But when you have a big list of products in your store it can become a problem to manage everything as it takes too much time to update or just to get required information. So with a short list of improvements with admin Magento extension you can speed up management process significantly and run it more effectively.

Advanced Admin Products Manager

You may know how complicated and routing the process of products management is in Magneto. In order to edit products you need open each a particular product, then find the required product attributes inside of list tabs, then edit and save it. And you have to repeat this process as many times as you want to update products. And only imagine a situation when you need find group of products by some attributes which are not included into product grid. So with Advanced Admin Products Manager Magento plugin you can adjust product grid with any standard and custom added products attributes. Advanced Admin Products Manager allows you edit any of products attributes right in product grid because you don’t need to open each product anymore. Advanced Admin Products Manager provides a list of custom mass products actions that allow you apply the same action to the list of products. You need just select the required products, after that select the required mass action from actions dropdown and the extension will apply the same values, same rules to required products attributes at once. It will save much time and decrease your daily routing significantly.

Advanced Orders Manager

As you know Magento has a built order management system which shows you just basic information in orders grid with grant total of order, order number and few others. It is also important that it does not contain full Shipping and Billing information, it’s does not show ordered products items related to order to organize and package order quickly, so you need open each order individually and find this information inside of order. Also you need open each order to change states/statuses of it. With an Advanced Orders Manager you can adjust order grid to any required information. So you can add, remove any order information from order grid. You can show all ordered items details with pictures, options, names, costs, discount and other information. Advanced Orders Managers allows you to process order in bulk. You should just select the required order and select the required mass action from the actions dropdown. Advanced Orders Manager allows you some core order information right in order grid. This extension also allows you export core order data in CSV and XML files formats.

Ajax Mass Images Uploader

As we have already mentioned when you use Magento you need to open each product individually in order to edit it. The same approach is required if you need to upload or update products images. It is necessary for you to open each product to update/upload images. If you have a large number of products it can take a huge amount of time to do it. In this case you can use Ajax Mass Images Uploader which improves product grid in Magento and solved a problems with product images uploader. So with Ajax Mass Images Uploader you can drag and drop avbunch of products simultaneously to the required products. Also Ajax Mass Images Uploader will upload it via Ajax quickly. You can do it on one page for multiple products at once. So you can save much time to do everything.

Stock Inventory Import

If you have a large inventory list of products in your warehouse or store you may need to manage your stock inventory quickly or you would like to receive stock inventory data from supplier. Standard Magento functionality does not allow you perform such stock inventory adjustments quickly. It is required to open each product individually from products catalog and adjust it for each particular product. Stock Inventory Import Magento extension allows you import stock inventory data right from CSV or XML file. So you can import it via Stock Inventory Import Magento extension just in a few seconds whatever amount of data you have.

Export Orders

Standard Magento functionality does not allow you to export order data from your Magento store. But in most cases this information about orders and sales is required for internal ERP and accounting systems of companies. In this case Magento Export Order extension allows you to export all orders data from Magento in CSV and XML file formats. You can select any sort of orders data, or ordered items. This file can be imported to your ERP, accounting system or any other 3rd party solution.


In case you have a big flow of orders from time to time you may face some problems with orders which can be sent to your customers. Unfortunately sometimes customers are not satisfied with some products or services and make some errors during packaging. To solve this problem you can use RMA Magento extension which allows you automate and track all customer problems and solve them quickly. With this Magento extension you can build really great Customer Care approach and support.

boosting your magento store with plugins

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