Maximize Your ROI with One Step Checkout in Magento

Every day the share of e-commerce business in global economy is growing. Today more and more online stores appear every day. As a result competition is increasing. Online shops have to invest money to attract customers to their shops through different marketing channels. The cost of attracting traffic to the online stores is growing every day.

As a result, the owners of online stores have to think about how well the attracted traffic is converted into sales. The analysis of the conversions and consumer behavior of different online stores shows that there is room for improvement to increase sales and as a result increase ROI.

Data analysis showed that one of the main problems in any online store which use Magento platform is the checkout process. During checkout process in Magento most online stores are losing from 50% to 85% of the total number of customers who started the checkout process. It usually happens because of several reasons:

  • long and complicated checkout process
  • unclear checkout process: the buyer does not always understand at what stage the buyer is and how much time it is still left to complete purchase
  • online store is not adopted to mobile and table devices
  • required fields cause questions or troubles
  • requirements to leave checkout process for login or registration

To solve these problems, we made the checkout process as simple as possible. Ideally it should have only one step to complete the checkout process with a minimal set of actions and data to complete the purchase. And if you want to make your dreams come true it would be better for you to use One Step Checkout Magento extension.

As you know the standard checkout process in Magento consists of 6 steps. At each of these steps it is necessary to complete the required data. To complete all 6 steps takes much time. Each step increases the risk that the buyer may cancel the process checkout after filling the purchase form. One Step Checkout Magento extension converts the 6 pages magento checkout process into a single page. As a result, the buyer sees all the necessary information to complete the purchase on one page.

One Step Checkout Magento extension also allows you to add and remove the required fields on the checkout page. So you can add / delete such fields as: company, middle name, zip code, country, address line and some other fields. Also you can increase the conversion of your checkout process.

Thanks to One Step Checkout extension user can stay on the checkout page and it simplifies the process of registration or login without leaving checkout process. This allows your customers to save even more time and to be concentrated to complete purchase.

One Step Checkout Magento extension is fully adapted for smartphones and tablets, which significantly increases the conversion of checkout into sales with the help of mobile devices.

One Step Checkout allows you to simplify the checkout process in your Magento store, as a result the One Step Checkout Magento extension improves checkout conversion rate up to 65%. That in its turn increases ROI.

Maximize Your ROI with One Step Checkout in Magento

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