What Magento plugins can significantly improve your store sales?

After working with our clients for many years, we have a large number of typical questions which are mostly related to Magento platform.

As you know Magento provides a large range of fundamental features which you can use to operate your online store. But unfortunately it is not always enough to install Magento to solve all problems which you are facing today.

Probably one of the most popular questions which are related to the problem how to improve sales of your magento store?

In this article we will show how you can improve your Magento store sales by improving some functionality via Magento extensions.

  1. Simplify Magento checkout process

One of the most challenging issues of any Magento store is a long and complex checkout process, where you can lose your customers. This process consists of 6 steps. Sometimes it requires for any customer such complex actions as login or forget password feature and thus these actions motivate to leave the checkout process page. The latest statistical and analytical reports provided by many online stores show that the more complex checkout process is the more people are more likely to leave your online store without finishing a purchase. So first of all you should solve this problem.

To do it you can use the Magento One Step Checkout extension, which allows you to simplify the checkout process by reducing standard 6 steps process to the 1 step. One Step Checkout allows you to control and customize the checkout process. Statistics shows, that after you install this Magento extension you will be able to improve conversion rate to up to 65% and as a result up to 65% the total revenue of your online store.

  1. Simplify add to cart process

The second disadvantage in Magento is that when you click on ‘Add to Cart’ button you are automatically redirected to the Shopping Cart page. This transition is not desirable as it stimulates to finish purchase right after adding an item to Shopping Cart. Your store should encourage the buyer to make as many purchases as it is possible. To do this, your buyer should always be focused on choosing the right goods to him. To solve this issue, you can use the Ajax Cart Pro magento extension, that allows your customers to make purchases on your site while remaining on the product or catalog page that will allow your buyer to continue the search for right or most relevant products and add them to the Shopping Cart. Thus Ajax Cart Pro stimulates the growth of the average cart value of your Shopping Cart up to 45% and as result increase revenue generation for your online store.

  1. Integration with 3rd party marketplaces

Sometimes opportunities for generating more sales can be hidden. One of the obvious things to generate more sales is to integrate your Magento store with 3rd party marketplaces and platforms. The most popular in the world are Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Alibaba and a lot of local platforms. To make the process of integration easier to bring more sales to your Magento store you can use M2E Magento extension which integrates your Magento store with Amazon, eBay, Rakuten marketplaces. So you can generate more sales through these platforms.

  1. Built loyalty of your customers

One of crucial aspects of built long term relationships with your customers is to make them loyal to your brand, services or store. To make this happen you can use different approaches. The most popular thing is to provide some bonuses or rewards for purchases or actions which they make. So in next purchase your customers can use this point to receive some sort of discount. A lot of people use it and return to store to make repeat purchases quite often, especially if you remind them via emails time to time. As result your customers became your loyal audience. As you know reward system is not a standard feature of Magento platform. In this case you can use Reward Points Magento extension which enhances your Magento store with such functionality. So you can give reward points for your customers if they make a purchase, write reviews for orders which were made or products which they purchased. You can use follow-ups or subscriptions to your newsletters on your social media channels and so on.

  1. Improve your store visibility for Search Engines

Unfortunately the standard version of Magento Community Edition uses only several basic approaches to improve Search Engine visibility. That situation can make your store not visible for Search Engines. To improve it would be better for you to use as many SEO features as possible to improve your online store visibility. You can use Mageworx SEO Suite Ultimate Magento extension which improves visibility of your online store for Search Engines significantly. So your website will be potentiality high ranked and will appear on top positions of Search Engine Results Pages. As result it will bring more organic traffic to your online store and generate more sales.

  1. Show that your customer are happy with your products/services

Today, buyers are becoming smarter when they are searching and buying goods online. They want to get quality products at the best price and to receive best service. Therefore, before making a purchase the buyer wants to find full information about the product which they are looking for, find feedbacks from people who have already bought this product, and from people who use the services of each particular online store. Positive reviews that people leave on the product page can become a perfect source of this information. As you know getting positive reviews is a challenging task because the buyer usually forgets for a while about your store, because they are happy with the goods and services which they receive. Therefore, customers usually do not leave Reviews. That in turn indirectly affects the volume of purchases of this each particular product in your online store.

To solve this issue, you can use Yotpro magento extension that will automatically sends the customer a letter asking to leave a feedback about making a purchase, or evaluate your company support services. A large number of reviews have positive effect on the average shopping cart value, and as a result your revenue and profit can improve.

  1. Show most relevant cross-sell, up-sell and related products

After they customers click on ‘Add to cart’ button on product or catalog page, a customer will be redirected to the cart page. In many cases a customer will start checkout process or will try to find other products. So as the owner of your online store you need to use this opportunity to offer most relevant products in this case. For example you can offer products which are complementary to products that are added to the shopping cart. The probability, that they customer will purchase these complementary products is extremely high. To do it in your Magento store you can use cross-sell, up-sell, related products features. But unfortunately it is hard to build relations between all products as standard Magento functionality takes ages to complete it. So you can use Advanced Admin Products Manager Magento extension which allows you automate process of creating links between products as cross-sell, up-sell, related products. You can use 1-way or 2-way linking process by using mass actions of Advanced Admin Products Manager or you can specify these links via one page product grid by specifying these relations individually for each products.

  1. Stimulate your customer to finish purchase or complete other actions

Sometimes your old customer can visit your store and search some products or they can add products to which list to make payment in future or they can add products to shipping cart and forget about it for a wile. In fact during when they leave your website your customers can forget about it. So to keep in touch with them you can use Follow Up Magento extension which allows you remind your customers about not finished actions. So you can remind your customer to finish shopping at shopping cart, checkout process, proceed to wish list for purchase, leave feedback, write reviews, and repurchase products if this product can be finishing during the time and so on. So you will make call for actions which can boost your sales.

What Magento plugins can significantly improve your store sales

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