Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Market: Facts and Figures

Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association (CEEOA) released its annual report on the state of IT outsourcing service providers market in the region – “Central and Eastern Europe IT Outsourcing Review 2010”. In fact it’s the only report that more or less objectively describes the state of outsourced software development market in the region. As for Belarus and Ukraine, it’s nearly a single source of statistics on market volume and other important figures.

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Outsourcing to Eastern Europe: Why Belarus?

Until recently a motivation to outsource was primarily connected with cost savings. But as the global outsourcing market is growing bigger and wider, and offering various options, companies become more sophisticated in their business relations. Nowadays not only money has vital importance. Efficiency also does matter. And the choice of an outsourcing location becomes the issue requiring a well-thought and balanced approach.

Today companies from Western Europe and North America tend to choose partners from Eastern Europe, sacrificing their contracts with Indian and Chinese outsourcing providers. The answer to the question “why” seems to be simple – they’re closer both in location and in culture. But that is not all. Companies that make Continue reading Outsourcing to Eastern Europe: Why Belarus?

Belarus on the Global IT Outsourcing Market

It has been decades ago that Central and Eastern European (CEE) region became a renowned player on the global IT outsourcing market. Companies from the North America and Western Europe are getting more interested in partnering with software providers from this part of the world as cultural and business traditions here are more compatible to their own. These and many other advantages of CEE region over India and China provoked boost of interest to the concept of “nearshoring”.

In 2008 IT services export of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus combined counted in 2,2 billion dollars – 1,5 times more than that of China.

There are over a dozen of countries in CEE region that can be called relatively active players of IT outsourcing services market. And while research companies provide evidences of the rapid development of the market in general, let’s have a precise look at positions of Belarus on outsourcing arena.

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