Advanced Orders

Advanced Orders Manager for Magento 2Best Seller

Save up to 95% of your time on managing orders in your Magento store.
Add a simple and intuitive, yet efficient, extension to enhance your online store management possibilities. The new
cutting-edge magento extension empowers you to update orders information on the fly.
Advanced Orders Manager is designed for better merchants experience. It gives you amazing power and flexibility
thus helping you run your store effectively and more profitably.
Arrange your screen and stay focused only on required orders and orders items data at current time.
For your convenience Advanced Orders Manager allows you to select which columns you want to see in the orders grid at the moment, as well which orders/products items data to show at the moment.
The ultimate filtering features for prompt and correct orders selection.
Advanced Orders Manager optimizes the process of wisely managing the store by providing improved filtering features for making search process more agile. It also provides features to make search by products names, multiple SKU's including any other order attribute.
It's never been easier to make bulk orders update at current time on a single page.
You know how time-consuming it usually is to manage list of orders and fill information related to orders through opening each order in separate tab. Advanced Orders Manager is a comprehensive tool to help you easily edit each attribute or specific order, as well as perform bulk updates, through in-grid editable fields right in the orders grid in few clicks. You can select columns which you want to update in list of orders and make quick orders changes in Advanced Orders Manager Grid and proceed with bulk update of selected orders in one click.
Apply mass updates with same rules to list of orders at current time on a single page.
Advanced Orders Manager allows you perform bulk orders updates with individual changed orders attributes. At the same time it allows you perform mass updates which apply the same rules updates for a list of orders. Such as:
Click 'Save Changes' to save orders changes
Just make all necessary changes in order grid and press Save Changes!
Change Order Status
Select a list of orders, choose a new status and click Submit. Bulk orders status assignment has never been easier!
10 full stack mass action
You have 10 mass actions to move orders via all steps in one click, or through partial process in one click. You may chose those actions with notification or without notification (via email) of customers who places each particular order.
Resend Orders/Invoices/Shipments emails
With Advanced Orders Manager you are able to send or resend Orders, Invoices, Shipments email in bulk. Just select required orders and select required mass mass action - extension will automatically generate and send email according to your chosen mass action.
Save Tracking Number data
You can add order tracking data right in product grid and save it in bulk. You have to add required tracking data for required orders right in order grid. Then click Save Changes, or full stack actions which include Shipment and Complete actions.
New Complete mass action
Now you have ability to mark completion of order. You can assign that action to magento order state.
Uncancel mass action
Sometime after orders cancelation you may required to roll back those orders by customers request. In that case you have new mass action Uncancel, so you can activate order again and proceed through required orders process steps.
Delete Orders
Now with Advanced Orders Manager you have mass action, that allows you delete old or test orders from your Magento. Just select required orders, select Delete mass actions and click Submit - extension will remove all selected orders.
Ordered Items (Products) Thumbnails/Images
A convenient way to keep your ordered items thumbnail images in the orders grid in a well-organized and informative manner.
Persistent Orders Grid Settings
Set your default page size, columns to show and other settings once, and they will be saved in your Store Config. You can activate these settings in a second when you need them again.
Mass Orders Status update
An advanced solution for multiple of orders update, helps avoiding hands updates through opening each orders in own window.
Bulk Capture Settings
Extension give you action which allow you capture orders in bulk and notify or not each customer automatically, when orders are performing capture in bulk, as well as to select which order status assign to order after capture done.
Quick Export
Once you select the export to CSV/XML action from the mass action drop down, it will create a CSV/XML with all the selected orders and send it as a file to your browser.
Grid Row Highlighter
As the extension focuses exclusively on the needs of stores with a wide variety of orders, it allows to easily work with large amount of data. You can highlight rows simply by dragging your cursor over the rows while holding CTRL.
Bulk Invoice Settings
Extension give you action which allow you creating invoices in bulk and notify or not each customer automatically, when orders are performing invoices in bulk, as well as to select which order status assign to order after invoice creation.
Bulk Shipment Settings
Extension give you action which allow you ship orders in bulk and assign shipment method with tracking code, notify or not each customer automatically, when orders are shiped in bulk, as well as to select which order status assign to order after shipment.


«The Iksanika team has put together remarkable features that make online store management a simple procedure. With this tool we’ve significantly reduced expenses on content management, and thus boosted our business efficiency.»

— Olga Vergej, Manager at
«In fact - must have extension to all merchants. This extension really does have it all. Admin, content managers experience has been proven to be excellent and save huge amount of time. Best feature is their support. I've never had such excellent service and quick help!»

— David Stivens, Magento Connect
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