Advanced Thank You Page for Magento 2

Increase customer loyalty and motivate more sales by customizing order success page.
Customize order success page by adding order info, social media sharing buttons, cross-sells products, newsletter
subscription form and custom content (CMS with order data-variables) sections.

Advanced Thank You Page extension allow setup long-term relations with customers who spend last minutes in your store and receive a profit from it. You can set any promotional actions by leaving some additional information or banners, or motivate them to purchase more products at your website which are cross-sells to order placed now. As well as you can motivate to stay connected with you via any social channels or newsletter subscriptions. All of this right from thank you page.

Extension has easy configuration process and will take few minute to configure order success page with required promotional sections in defined order with immediate effect on customer side when order success page appear.

Extension support 5 types of sections for order success page:

Order Information
Allow you to personalize thank you customer for order placed as well as give details about time of order proceed. You can customize thank you message and show order number as well.
Custom Content Block
You can create and select custom content (CMS) block via CMS manager which can be added to order success page. Block supper order variables which can replaced by extension with data related to order - customer first name/last name/full name/order number, as well as put into block order info, cross-sells, newsletter, social media sharing sections. It allow you bulk content with custom layout. It allow you personalize you thank you page.
Section show products in which customer can be interested after order placed. It show products which defined as cross-selling items for products which was contain in order placed. So you can motivate your customers stay more time in your website and generate more sales.
It allow customers subscribe to newsletter if customer is still not subscribed, after order is placed right from order success page. Customer who place order as Guest can be subscribed based on given email during checkout process.
Social media sharing
Allow your customers to share their experience in your website in social networks. Which will influence on customers friends and allow you attract more potential buyers.

Doing successful online business today is all about flexibility, change. Download Advanced Thank You Page extension now, and made your life easier!

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60 sec's
easy less, than 60
second installation
CE: 2.0.x - 2.4.x
EE: Compatible