Ajax Images Uploader

Need perform bulk products images upload? Just drag & drop images into product grid and let Ajax Images Uploader do the rest!
Perfectly simple tool with drag & drop features, enhanced filtering (by multiple Categories and SKU's), products search line,
in-grid and one-page bulk-update features which saves up to 95% time you spend on products images management.
Make bulk products images upload and update at current time on a single page and forget about annoying manual work.
Images Upload Magento

The idea of products images upload and update makes you tremble, and new products receipts or supplier’s notifications about new products or design changes turn your life into hell? No wonder if you’re using a standard Magento merchandise tool. Having dozens of thousands goods in stock you can spend long weeks on fully manual products images upload and update. Meanwhile you can install Ajax Images Uploader and do it in a couple of minutes!

Images Upload Magento
Upload images right in product grid
Ajax Images Uploader improves product grid by allowing you drag & drop products images into grid for required products and upload images via multiple ajax requests at on one time. It also add Base Images, Small Image, Thumbnail columns grid as well as list of all images. All you need is drag & drop images from your desktop/folders onto product grid. Done!
Manage images right in product grid
Ajax Images Uploader has easy to use products images features. Instead of open each product, you can remove, exclude/include, set base/small/thumbnail images right in product grid, all changes is performed via ajax requests.
Perform mass actions
Perform mass actions which apply the same rules updates for a list of products, such as Remove All Images, Reset Base/Small/Thumbnail images.
Easily search for required products.
You can use general search line or filter/sort products by related categories.
Select images via standard popup window.
If you don't prefer drag & drop method, Ajax Images Uploader allow select images by clicking on button and selecting images from opened window. This method more reasonable for mobile device as well.

Doing successful online business today is all about flexibility and change. Download Ajax Mass Images Uploader extension now, and let your products images work for you, not you work on them!

Arrange your screen and stay focused only on required products data and images at current time.
Images Upload Magento
For your convenience Ajax Mass Images Uploader allows you to select which columns you want to see in the catalog products grid at the moment. For example, if you have add new categories with new products, you can simply select “Catalog Name” or “Catalog IDs” columns for filtering products by categories and focus only on new added products. Moreover it gives you freedom to process bulk changes and save updates on the same page without opening each specific product page.
Flexible Columns Adjustment Flexible Columns Adjustment
Data Personalization Data Personalization
Products Attributes Right on Product Grid Page Products Attributes Right on Product Grid Page
Product View From Customer Perspective Product View From Customer Perspective
The ultimate filtering features for prompt and correct products selection.
Images Upload Magento
Ajax Mass Images Uploader optimizes the process of wisely managing the store by providing improved search & filtering features for making search process more agile and accurate. It provides features to make search by multiple SKU and additional components for filtering products by categories ID’s or categories names.
Feel free to choose the way you search!
General Search General Search
Search by Multiple Products SKU’s Search by Multiple Products SKU’s
Search by Categories Names Search by Categories Names
Search by Multiple Categories ID’s Search by Multiple Products SKU’s
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CE: 1.5.x - 1.9.x
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