Duplicate Categories

Most easy way to duplicate categories with subcategories and products structure in your Magento store.
Save up to 99% time you spend to duplicate categories with or without related categories and products.

Some time you may need to duplicate exist categories with/without subcategories and related products, because of same categories structure - for example for man and woman categories, or because you want to duplicate categories to new website in your Magento. You may know how time consuming is this task with standard Magento functiolity - it is required to duplicate individually each categories, subcategories and related products.

Duplicate Categories magento extension allow you simplify this routing task and deduct time you spend from days to few minutes. It add 'Duplicate' button on manage categories page in your backend. So you can select any category as you usually do to manage any category - then you click 'Duplicate' button for this selected category - and finally extension will finish duplication based on selected criteria automatically.

You may setup duplicate criteria:

Set parent category for duplicated category
For each category you want duplicate, you can set any parent category. So after category duplicate, new duplicated category with structure will be placed under selected parent category. For new website you can choose which category will be parent. All you need is set parent category in category tree and click Duplicate once. Done!
Duplicate all subcategories with or without all related products.
Although duplicate categories extension allow you duplicate selected category, it also allow you optionally copy all related subcategories with or without all assigned products.

Doing successful online business today is all about flexibility and change. Download Duplicate Categories extension now, and let your magento store work for you, not you work on them!

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programming practices
60 sec's
easy less, than 60
second installation
CE: 1.5.x - 1.9.x
EE: 1.8.x - 1.13.x