Mass Product Categories Updater for Magento 2 v2.0.7

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Mass Product Categories Updater extension simplify the process of products searching by categories and allows merchants to make fast bulk update assignments of individual products to multiple categories in one click on one page in mono store and multi website-stores context.

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Mass Products Categories Updater for Magento 2

Looking for an easier way of changing the categories of multiple products insteed of opening each individual products? Well this is the solution! The Mass Product Categories Updater add new column 'Category IDs' with editable fields to magento product grid and allow you to change categories in editable fields in product grid for each specifiec product and make bulk products update instantly. In same time it allows you to make filtering and sorting products by multiple categories.

In Grid Editing and bulk Save

Update Categories in One Click

Just make all necessary categories changes in the product grid and press «Save Changes»! This extension will grab all changes in the product grid and save them in one call.

Filter products by Categories

Filter Products by Categories

Mass Product Categories Updater is enhanced with category filtering features (by ID's and Name's) to make the process of product selection faster and easier. You can also filter products which are not belonging to any of categories.

Mass Product Categories Updater

Perform mass actions

Perform mass actions which apply the same rules updates for a list of products, such as Add to Categories, Remove from Categories and Replace Categories for selected list of products.

Mass Prices Updater

Product Categories Names and ID's

See all categories to which products are assigned right in the product grid. Edit products assignment to categories right in the product grid.

Doing successful online business today is all about flexibility and change. Download Mass Product Categories Updater for Magento 2 extension now, and let your products catalogs work for you, not you work on them!

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    • You can find full end-user license agreement by following link: /products/IKS-LICENSE.txt

    • Our license allows you to use a single extension license on one Magento installation. Extension is installation related, not domain related. Under one extension license you can run one extension per Magento installation. If your one instance of Magento installation runs several domains, you can use one extension license. If you run each website on a new installation of Magento, you need purchase separate license for each of them.

    • You can check our detailed installation instruction

    • Yes, you can install any Iksanika extension on a test or staging site and configure all the settings there before doing it on your live store. The only requirements is, that it is test/staging site of the same production magento site.

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    • Version 2.0.7 (22 April, 2024):

      * FIX: Extension adjusted to PHP 8.2 changed as some php features was eliminated
      * If thumbnails images is not assigned show default magento placeholder instead of [NO IMAGE] message
      + Enhancement: Categories dropdown support all root categories (among all websites-stores)
      + Enhancement: Categories related mass actions dropdown's supports all root categories (among all websites-stores)
      + 'Category ID''s has been added to name of category in the Categories column
      + 'Category ID''s and Number of products assigned to categories has been added to name of category in the Categories filter
      + 'Category ID''s and Number of products assigned to categories has been added to name of category in the Categories Mass actions dropdwon
      + [NO CATEGORY] category filter returning list of products which are not assigned to any of categories (zero categories)

    • Version 2.0.6 (27 April, 2022):

      * FIX: compatibility with M2.4.4 and PHP8.1

    • Version 2.0.5 (30 March, 2022):

      * Product Collection — product collection functions have been enhanced. Protection has been added of 3rd party extension Collection overriding, which was a source of pagination issues (number of pages) and the total number of products in the catalog/product grid of the extension

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