Mass Product Relater for Magento 2

Save up to 98% of your time and grow up revenue up to additional 60% on
cross-, up- sell and related products in your Magento store. Mass Product Relater create up-sell, cross-sell or related
products links fast, through creating cross links between products on the fly, while they are being assigned as
up-sell, cross-sell or related products.
In-grid editable up-, cross- sell related fields
Help you easily edit up-sell, cross-sell and related products for specific products on one page, as well as perform bulk updates, through in-grid editable fields.
Multiple related, up- and cross- sell filters
Mass Product Relater optimizes the process of wisely managing the up-, cross-sell and related products by providing improved filtering features for making search process more agile.
Grid Row Highlighter
As the extension focuses exclusively on the needs of stores with a wide variety of products, it allows to easily work with large amount of data. You can highlight rows simply by dragging your cursor over the rows while holding CTRL.
Bulk product related, up- and cross-sell update
One page bulk products update allow you update (add, change, delete) of up-sell, cross-sell and related products for big list of products in one click.
Mass product related, up-sell, cross-sell actions
Mass relating (up- and cross-selling)products: One-way relate (up- and cross- sell), multi-relate (up- and cross- sell), or un-relate.
Maintaining of up-sell, cross-sells and related products in good order is significantly improve ecommerce business results/metrics - up-sell, cross-sells and related products stimulate your customers to add additional and costly products to cart and thus place bigger orders, so you will increase Life Time Value and Average Order Value and as result Revenue this, of course, means more Profit for you.
US $39.00
15 days
money back
bugfree guarantee
5 stars
quality support
meets Magento
programming practices
60 sec's
easy less, than 60
second installation
CE: 1.5.x - 1.9.x
EE: 1.8.x - 1.13.x