Magento 2 Order Export

Download all orders information from your Magento store fast and connect to any third party solutions!
Order Export magento extension allow you to download all orders and ordered items information in CSV and XML formats.
Order Export Magento 2 extension

Order Export magento extension allow you to export all order related data in CSV and XML file formats. With this feature you can connect your Magento store to almost any 3rd-party: accountant, shipping, SAP, ERP, CRM, warehouse and other solutions.

Extension is simple in installation via Magento Connect Manager and simple in use. Order Export magento extension have several settings, that allows you to select required order visible and system/hidden information, customer information related to order (Billing/Shipping) as well as ordered products information with selected custom options.

Export orders data
Order Export for Magento 2 extension allows you to select any of orders information from Magento database and export it quickly. With Order Export you can export all visible and invisible (system) order information, tracking number, customer data related to order - such as name, shipping/billing information.
Export ordered products data
Including to orders data Order Export extension allow you to export ordered products information including products custom options which customer select during purchase.
Fast and unlimited export feature
Magento 2 Order Export extension does not contain any limits in ordered data amount. You are able to export data fast and as much as Magento allow you to export data.
Two export modes
Order Export support two export modes: orders based and ordered products based. In order based mode you will receive document with unique order per entry/row in exported document. In ordered products based mode: you will receive document where in each entry/row you will find ordered items with selected orders data.
Export in CSV/XML format
Order Export magento plugin allow you export data in two most popular file format XML and CSV which you can use to import in 3rd party solutions such as: SAP, ERP, Warehouse, Shipping, CRM solutions. You can use CSV to easily open this data in Microsoft Excel.

It’s never been easier and faster to make order and ordered items export in your Magento store at current time. Let's try it now!

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CE: 1.5.x - 1.9.x
EE: 1.8.x - 1.13.x