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Stock Inventory Manager for Magento 2 v2.0.8

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Start save up to 95% of your time on products stock inventory management in your Magento store today! Simple inventory management enhance standard magento products manager with in-grid editor of stock fields and one page bulk/mass update feature.

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Adjustable Product Grid for Magento

Stock Inventory Manager is a comprehensive tool to help you easily edit the Quantity and Is In-Stock status of specific products, as well as perform bulk updates, through in-grid editable fields. You can filter products by given product attributes and make quick stock inventory changes right in the Stock Inventory Manager Grid as in Excel and proceed with a bulk update of selected products in one click by clicking the «Save Changes» button.

In Grid Editing

Update Stock in One Click

Just make all necessary changes in the product grid and press «Save Changes»! This extension will grab all changes in the product grid and save them in one call.

Quick Products Export

Filter Products by Categories

Stock Inventory Manager Grid is enhanced with category filtering features to make the process of product selection faster and easier.

Quick Products Export

Mass Actions

Stock Inventory Manager extension for Magento allows you to apply the same values for a list of products. You need just select required products, after select the required action to update Qty or 'Is in Stock', then specify value and click Apply. The extension will update all selected products with the same values. For Qty you can use Absolute and Relative values in the product grid and in mass actions as well.

In Grid Editing

Relative and Absolute Values

Stock Inventory Manager Grid support absolute and relative values for Quantity products attribute — it allows you instead of spending time on recalculating current stock inventory with new inventory for selected products, simply use commands +/-/* to update current quantity with new inventory.

For example, right now you have 5 items in the stock of a selected product and you receive new products items into stock in the amount of 55, as result, you can just put +55 into the editable Quantity field and Stock Inventory Manager will automatically recalculate and save 60 as a final result.

The extension also supports a list of third-parties Multi-Location quantity extensions and allows you to select product quantity related to the selected store and to proceed with the bulk update.

It’s never been easier to make mass products stock inventory updates in your Magento 2 store at the current time on a single page through in-grid editable Quantity (including Multi-Location Quantity) and «Is In Stock». Let's try it now!

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    • Version 2.0.8 (01 April, 2024):

      * Enhancement: Categories dropdown support all root categories
      * FIX: Deprecated dynamic properties across all classes in PHP 8.2 — gave numerous errors

    • Version 2.0.7 (24 February, 2024):

      * FIX: Salable QTY — adjusted to latest updates of Magento v2.4.X-pX due to deprecation of Salable feature in those versions.
                  It will appear only in Magento 2 version which supports Salable Qty in Magento or where Adobe Commerce package
                  Inventory Api is available

    • Version 2.0.6 (4 May, 2022):

      * Added: Salable Qty column accross all inventory sources has been added

    • Version 2.0.5 (24 April, 2022):

      * FIX: compatibility with M2.4.4 and PHP8.1

    • Version 2.0.4 (8 Feb, 2022):

      Fixes related to Magento 2.4.x update:
      * Mass Action: Save Changes — updated logic of saving empty values and 0 values. Fixed value conversion in different PHP versions
      * Mass Action: Update Qty action — updated logic of saving empty values and 0 values. Fixed value conversion in different PHP versions
      * Product Collection — product collection functions have been enhanced. Protection has been added of 3rd party extension Collection overriding, which was a source of pagination issues (number of pages) and the total number of products in the catalog/product grid of the extension
      * Mass Actions: Error and Success Messages — enhanced to be more informative about issues detected while updating qty with new values

    • Version 2.0.3:

      New features:
      + Compatibility with Magento 2.4.0+
      + Added filter products by categories to find right products faster
      + Automatic product checking when stock data has been edited
      + Automatic "Save Changes" selected when stock data has been edited
      + Back button leads to the Stock Inventory Manager if edit product clicked from the extension page
      Features eliminated (as existed in default product manager):
      - Delete products
      - Add products
      - Change products status

      Fixes related to Magento 2.4.0 update:
      * Code refactoring
      * Select visible/all products
      * Unselect visible/all products
      * Fix checkboxes while clicking on it

    • Version 2.0.0 (20 April, 2022):

      New features:
      + Compatibility with Magento 2.0.0+
      + In grid editing of stock qty and "is in stock" parameters
      + Support relative values in-grid and for mass actions, you can use +10, -10 right in the grid editing cells
      + Mass Actions added:
           Delete products
           Change status
           Add products
           Save in-grid changes
           Update qty
           Update "is in stock"

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