Bookmark Toolbar

Bookmark Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Custom Toolbar Development Services by Iksanika

Product description:

Bookmark Toolbar for Internet Explorer is a convenient tool both for effective information search over the Internet and for productive work with big texts using Internet Explorer. By using the toolbar, you get access to the prominent search engines, such as Google, MSN and AltaVista directly from your browser's toolbar. In addition to standard search functions, the tool gives you the ability to find and mark necessary words and phrases and then to quickly switch between them at your convenience. Another advantage of the Iksanika's toolbar is a bookmark management. You do not need to scroll through the text back and forth; you simply insert a bookmark in the target place in the text and then get back to it whenever you wish. You can use the bookmark even when you are on the web; you are thus not obliged to make a local copy of the text.

The toolbar is exceptionally simple in installation and use. The program code does not contain the modules that collect private information; neither does it create any logs. You can be sure in safety and privacy of the data you are working with.

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Main characteristics of the Bookmark Toolbar:

  • Advanced information search over the Internet. Now, you can quickly and easily find a necessary piece of information by specifying criteria and search parameters directly in the browser's panel. We have used but not limited to such search engines as Google, MSN, and AltaVista.
  • Enhanced text search through documents. We have improved search possibilities of Internet Explorer. Now you can search through the entire document, not only through the current fragment. You can search for words, word combinations or for any word parts by specifying any of the independent criteria: either to search for a full word or only for its part, whether to use a "case-sensitive" option. During the search, the program highlights the found words according to the specified criteria.
  • Bookmark management. The Bookmark toolbar for IE from Iksanika gives you the ability to create bookmarks in web documents as easily as in locally-stored ones. You can mark target text parts and then return to them again and again. Improved navigation system lets you quickly jump between bookmarks saving your time and preventing you from repetitive search and navigation actions.

The main advantage of purchasing and using our Bookmark toolbar for IE is time saving time due to the improved search and navigation functions.

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